In the final battle with Moro, having mastered Spirit Control, Goku and Piccolo acknowledged that Vegeta had surpassed Goku. Vegeta is remarked by Baby to be the mightiest body in the universe and the perfect one for him to be able to defeat Goku. After Guldo's decapitated head insults Vegeta for not playing fair, the Saiyan prince disintegrates it, now fearing his fight against the brute Recoome. Vegeta spitefully knees Gohan, unaware of Gohan's secret. Once healed by Krillin's blast in an attempt to become a Super Saiyan, Vegeta's power level shot up once more, becoming able to perceive Frieza's movements in his true form, but ultimately proved no match for the tyrant. After the other Z Fighters have been defeated, Vegeta decides to fight the God of Destruction on his own but he is ultimately defeated. So that would add up to 6 months in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Oolong is Beerus' contestant in the match but Oolong loses. Please select one of the cards below or search to find the card you were looking for if it is not listed. After playing a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who faces Kid Buu first, Goku wins and starts his fight. As the three begin fighting, it appears as if Gohan and Krillin have Guldo on the ropes, as Guldo is barely able to freeze time long enough to escape the two's energy blasts. Undeterred Vegeta presses on and Moro becomes more pressured as his initial advantage seems to slip away. He is said to not be Frieza by Piccolo, saying his does not sense an evil aura around him, signaling he is good. Goku tells Vegeta it's only for 30 minutes and they've fused before with the Potara Earrings and since they don't have any Potara Earrings, they have no choice but to perform Fusion. Vegeta has been training in the wilderness for several days but is angry that his power level remains the same. Goku soon surpassed Vegeta with the same training even after Vegeta used the chamber a second time. Goku tries to persuade Vegeta that his life has changed, and he can still easily enjoy being a competitive fighter with a loving family, but Vegeta brushes this notion aside as nonsense. Vegeta then leaves his teammate on the ground, advising him to regain his strength quickly and opting to return to the battleground. Vegeta replies that he hopes to meet him someday. In addition to his father, Vegeta has a positive relationship with his younger brother which is ironically in contrast to Goku and Raditz's relationship. Vegeta is a slim yet very well-built man of a below-average stature, standing at 164 centimeters tall. Nappa easily dominates all the Z Fighters, resulting in Chiaotzu sacrificing himself by blowing up on Nappa's back, which was in vain, leaving his best friend Tien sacrificing himself to avenge him, which was also proves to be in vain. Vegeta is surprised to realize that Future Trunks only assumed the form to catch Vegeta off guard, powering down from the form right when Vegeta attacks him. The Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z saw Vegeta make one last pit stop on his arc into becoming a hero of Earth. With his newfound power after recovering from his battle on Earth and his battle with Zarbon, Vegeta launches into a powerful assault on Recoome, landing several powerful hits and firing an intense energy blast, the Final Crash, at Recoome that appears to take care of him. Moro shares his power with the prisoners, putting them into an empowered state before they gang up on Goku, Vegeta and Grand Supreme Kai but they get overpowered. He has a large, sleek head similar in shape similar to the folkloric aliens known as the Greys. After Trunks saves Vegeta from one of Buu's attacks, Vegeta decides the only way to destroy Buu is to sacrifice himself. Years later, supernova explosions were detected from where Goku and Vegeta had their final battle. Through anger at Goku breaking his limits and getting one step ahead once more, Vegeta drew on the pride of nearly all his training over the years was purely self-taught, letting him evolve his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue state. Vegeta goes back to Capsule Corporation to train and surpass Goku one day. Broly takes the punch head on only for the punch not to effect him and Broly punching and sending Vegeta flying skyward crashing through several mountains as Vegeta is feeling pressured. When King Kai alerts him about Beerus coming to Earth, Vegeta was unconcerned until he learned that Goku fought Beerus and lost by two shots. In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, he goes so far as to break down in tears over his inability to surpass Goku. Goku apologizes in a way, and tells Vegeta that he wants to have a friendly battle with him one day (to which Vegeta simply replies that "when we fight, we would need a whole planet as an arena"). He fights with Android 18, and seems to be doing fairly well at first and surprises the Androids with his newfound power, but is eventually defeated due to the fact that Android 18 has infinite power while Vegeta has to use all his power to fight her. [50] This is probably because he did not naturally regain his tail like Goku did. After a brief fight in which he is easily outclassed, Vegeta is struck into a nearby building by Hirudegarn's tail. This is similar to the original uniforms worn by Saiyans before they were conscripted by Frieza. In the anime, as noted by the angels, this transformation is in essence a unleashed by breaking a mental shell in subconscious to unlock a much deeper portion of his potential, similar to Ultra Instinct Sign. Vegeta's arm going straight through Duplicate Vegeta. His father was one of the greatest influences on young Vegeta, instilling in him his strong Saiyan pride as well as his early elitist views. Without knowing where to go, Vegeta and Goku head towards Whis' staff. After healing from his defeat, Vegeta's power rose to 24,000 thanks to the Saiyan Power (offset by losing his tail, which is known to reduce a Saiyan's strength). Bulma shoots at Vegeta the same Blutz Waves that she used against Baby, which allows Vegeta to grow his tail back and become a Great Ape and then a Golden Great Ape. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta's training in the gravity chamber reached a point that he was no longer affected by the chamber's max gravity setting. Upon facing Moro, the wizard's power had vastly grown since their last encounter. Hearing this, Vegeta theorizes to attain higher power quicker if he trains for nearly a year (a day outside) in the room. — Vegeta ordering Bulma to bring him a towel after a shower in "Frieza's Counterattack". Vegeta asks Cabba what planet the Saiyans are based on in their universe and Cabba responds saying Planet Sadala, the original planet of the Saiyans. When Piccolo, Tien, and Future Trunks step in, they too are beaten into submission. Vegeta heads out to confront Yuzun along with two others. Later, Vegeta ponders on a royal Saiyan name to give the infant. Hit landing the finishing blow on Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta. They enter the Wall of Light itself and after flying through it, the wall is destroyed. ", to which Goku's replies "Your wife is prettier than mine!" Whis accepts this. Goku does the same thing so they both could train and go all out in the room. Vegeta spent the beginning of his time in the tournament sticking together with his team despite of his opinion of the plan, but as Goku went off to fight Toppo, eventually Vegeta went on his own as well as the Androids and Freiza. And he won't rest until every trace of that has vanished. Vegeta then sets his sights on Jiren, who is meditating, but before he can do so, Toppo appears in front of him. Later, the Future Warrior is later called by Elder Kai to partake in a critical mission and needs their help. Though he could have easily destroyed this weaker form of Cell, his arrogance bested him, and he purposely let Cell absorb Android 18 just to have a challenge in Cell through which to test his power. Undeterred, Goku says that he will just have to keep grinding out his training if he is going to be able to use it again. At the end Of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta was 52 years old and at the end of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta was 57 years old. These include an increase of muscle mass that rips apart his shirt, his eyes becoming blue-colored visors, red lines sprawling across his chest and forehead, the acquiring of large metallic shoulder pads, and Vegeta's hair returning to its original length. When Android 13 fires a S.S. The Oracle Fish comes to tell Whis that he received a message from Bulma, telling him that Vegeta and Goku are needed on Earth. During Dragon Ball Super, however, Vegeta has been shown to retain his arrogance and competitive mood but he is more open to teamwork with the Z Fighters and is willing to help others in need. However, the gang is ambushed. Vegeta does not recognizes Bardock, but Bardock recognizes him as the prince of the Saiyans, and by that, Bardock deduces Vegeta can make a Power Ball. While the Future Warrior battles and later manages to defeat Great Ape Nappa restoring his death in that timeline, Goku battles Great Ape Vegeta where the Future Warrior later assists Goku in weakening Great Ape Vegeta even more to the point where Gohan and Krillin decide to jump back into the fray to fight Great Ape Vegeta as a way to weaken him by cutting off his tail so they can manage to put him back into his base form which they successfully do once the group manages to defeat the Great Ape. What does that make of me?" Height One week later, Vegeta finally reaches Yardrat. Gohan does not use his full strength and Perfect Cell makes seven miniature versions of himself to fight the Z Fighters and eventually kill them. This infuriates Vegeta, who proclaims that he never throws away anything. Vegeta strikes at Beerus multiple times and starts to fight Beerus throughout the ocean. Vegeta rushes in for another attack but to no avail as Black is able to avoid it and throws a shot of his own to Vegeta, calling the Saiyan prince only a warm up but the attack is caught by Vegeta who then deflects the blow and responds with another barrage of punches and goes for a massive punch when suddenly Black catches him and everyone off guard by transforming his aura into a blade and stabbing Vegeta clean through the right side of his chest, mortally wounding him. Once assuming this form, Vegeta's ki is fully replenished and his overall power is increase by ten times more than his normal form. I hope you enjoyed your second chance at life, because trust me, you'll never have another." He dares Perfect Cell to take the attack head-on, and Perfect Cell, confident that it will not harm him, stays put as the beam hits him. After Shin's unexpected arrival, Goku uses his Instant Transmission to teleport everyone away. At first, Vegeta is unaware of it as he only heard it from Trunks but then realizes it's the technique where two people merge by dancing like fools. Vegeta started his training with Whis on the Beerus’s planet before Goku even knows it. Goku and vegeta appear to be young despite being in their 40s give or take when calculate years spent in the time chamber or when dead. Vegeta then says that if Future Trunks can land a single blow on him, he will win. 164 cm (5'5")[1] With Goku's arrival, Vegeta decides to take care of Trunks, and tells him to rest, as he senses that Goku and Android 18 have finally delivered the final blow to Super 17. Shortly afterwards, Vegeta and the rest of his group unexpectedly fall through a time distortion where they meet up with Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta once again along with a very hostile and empowered Janemba. Vegeta's Challenge to Be the Strongest!". After Gohan becomes Super Saiyan 2 and defeats Bojack, Vegeta and Piccolo are once again seen together in isolation. Birth Date My father. Bulma, Vegeta and Goku come out in winter clothings but Whis doesn't need any winter clothing as it is colder for him out in the vacuums of space. Vegeta later goes on to develop a more powerful Galick Gun. After encountering Frieza, Vegeta watches the fight with Goku fighting against the revived and empowered Frieza. At the location where their first fight occurred, the two begin to quarrel; Goku admits he can no longer use Ultra Instinct and Vegeta declares he will achieve a power far greater. Vegeta is disinterested while shopping with Bulma and Trunks. Several Dragon Ball Z video games give different power levels to Vegeta during the Vegeta Saga and Namek Saga: Dragon Ball Z: Goku Hishōden gives Vegeta a power level of 15,000 during the Vegeta Saga. Vegeta hears Whis asks why Goku is seeking greater strength. [29], Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta is equal to Super Saiyan 4 Goku. While the Future Warrior prepares to fight Nappa, Vegeta decides it is time to fight Goku and is briefly powered up by Dark Magic. Krillin and Gohan had seen the Power Ball that Vegeta had used to transform, and had returned to the battle. Vegeta is the one who deduces that a Tuffle remnant is responsible for the Destron Gas attack on Earth, by way of their technology. Afterwards, the fighting resumed and Vegeta went after Hit in Super Saiyan form to pay him back for the previous tournament they were in, but his punch was blocked by Botamo. This showed that regardless of the difference in the timelines that Vegeta cares deeply about his wife, and that no matter the incarnation, Bulma is Bulma to him. Vegeta joins his son, creating the Father-Son Galick Gun. In the depths of the ocean, Broly finally awakens his Wrath State, turning the ocean into a giant maelstrom and the force of his ki sending a gale outward, causing the nearby Goku and Vegeta to block instinctively. — Bardock - The Father of Goku, A young Vegeta fighting a team of Saibamen. After a fight, Future Trunks finds himself firing a Galick Gun at Fused Zamasu's energy blast. Rarity: Promo Number: P-042 Description: [Critical] [Blocker] [Auto] When you play or combo with this card, look at up to 3 cards from the top of your deck. When he is finished with killing them, he orders his guard to open the door of the room he was training in. Vegeta lands gracefully and Goku decides to fight as Broly is beginning to power up even more. Vegeta uses his Final Flash on Magetta, while Magetta prepares for another Lava Spit. While Trunks is trying on clothes, Vegeta was asked by Bulma why he decided to come on vacation with them. After Cabba uses his Continuous Energy Bullet, Vegeta tells him to not forget the feeling of anger. Exclusively in the anime, Goku powers up to a Super Saiyan 2 and fights well against the child version of Majin Buu. He leaves them in Piccolo's care, and then uses Final Explosion in an attempt to kill Majin Buu in a spherical explosion, and narrating an emotional goodbye to his family and Goku. "There's no such thing as fair or unfair in battle. Her ability to intimidate her overwhelmingly strong husband is both a source of irritation as well as attraction to Vegeta, as his often quietly menacing body language and expressions are known to terrify most humans with no effort. Vegeta attempts to destroy the tree by himself but the energy blast is simply absorbed by the tree instead. I hope this information has helped you in somewhat way of answering your question about Vegeta’s age. Allegiance They trade blows and punches as Vegeta is wearing his winter jacket for a few moments until he decides to rip his jacket off as the fighting progresses. Dragon Ball: Yo! When it is all over, Super Perfect Cell emerges, completely unharmed. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta returns to wearing the same modified battle armor he wore during the Androids/Cell Sagas. vs. Vegeta (Rage Mode Super Saiyan 2) vs. Beerus, Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan God) vs. Broly (Base/Wrath State), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) and Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan). Vegeta and Goku (Base/Super Saiyan 2) vs. Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan) and Goku (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Cumber (Golden Great Ape), Vegeta and Future Trunks vs. Cumber (Golden Great Ape). He finally comes to terms with his rivalry with Goku and acknowledges him as the best as Goku fights for pure reasons and not for his own personal gain. The young prince would later be given to Frieza under unknown circumstances, although King Vegeta intended to rebel before he would ever let Frieza gain his son. Below, Goku and the others watch Vegeta crash to the ground having reverted to his base form and shortly after spot Moro in his new powered up form. 10 BARDOCK While Vegeta and Raditz are on a mission to on another planet they are given the message to return to Planet Vegeta, however Vegeta ignored the call - planning to tell Frieza that he and Raditz had not heard it. Vegeta showing care for his family and friends by smiling. Vegeta along with everyone else, including Beerus and Champa is stunned when Goku suddenly blocks Hit's attacks and begins to actually lands blows on him, much to Vegeta's annoyance. Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku When Yajirobe shouted at Krillin to throw it, making Vegeta notice him, Krillin throws it, and at first it missed, but Gohan was pure enough that he could bounce the energy back, striking Vegeta. Vegeta later senses Piccolo's power, he is shocked to hear he fused with Kami. Frost threatens to kill Vegeta and says that since there are no restrictions in using his needle he will use it as well. Perfect Cell then fought Future Trunks, who managed to put up a fight against the perfect Android, but he was defeated as well when he gave up after realizing the 3rd Grade Super Saiyan form was too slow to fight Cell. Videl returns to the tournament, advised that the fight against Babidi might be too dangerous for her as she is inexperienced. Vegeta spares Goku only in time on his assistance against Frieza. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kid Buu knew they escaped, and as a result decided to hunt them down. All my life, I have worked toward this goal and for what? While under Frieza's grip, Vegeta was pressured by Frieza to do his bidding or else Frieza would murder Vegeta's father. He further elaborates that he came to realize that he had become a normal person; he has a wife and son he adores and has started to like living on Earth, but he has become ashamed of the change within him and believes his ties to his family and the planet made him weak. [10] He has also grown to fear Bulma's temper and tries to avoid angering her, such as when he mentioned Trunks and Goten wouldn't have left with Monaka if Bulma hadn't ordered the supplies and she accused him of blaming her, and he took back what he said.

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