Fargo, Lucas, and Big Ed "The Cleaner" Fowler (a bowling champion), prepare for a bi-annual bowling competition against Toby Bismark and his team from. Allison wants to put in a new security measure that requires a DNA scan to access various places within GD. Episode 9 43 mins. The following is a list of episodes of the American science fiction television drama Eureka.Seventy-seven episodes were aired over five seasons. Taggart survives the creature's attack. Season 1 Episode 9: Two disparate inventions merge into one high-tech nightmare that no one knows how to stop. General Mansfield tells Carter that his services are no longer required. Carter and Zane find the device and fire it into the artificial sun which dies. This episode was televised as a holiday special. Fargo grieves for Holly. Season 5 guide for Eureka TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. When Stark's device is turned off, Carter and Jo are cured. When those who visited the site begin turning to stone, the race is on to find a cure. Henry approaches it and scrapes some dust from the side revealing a US flag. When Tess shows Carter section 5, they find an unknown device and feel some odd sensation. However, it is revealed that the entire crew has actually been captured by. Andy and Jo learn that the former sheriff was investigating a spy network in Eureka and Grace is a former spy. Error: please try again. She ejects Carter from the simulation. Eva Thorne is a successful corporate "fixer". A power surge from the device puts Allison in peril. Beverly apprehends Senator Wen and sends her into the simulation, trapping her in a virtual version of the Sheriff's office. Also discovered, despite Eva Thorne's wishes to the contrary is Mary Perkins. Stark arrives to help as does a hologram of Henry. Season 1 Episode 1: A car accident detours U.S. Selection for the Mission continues. The creature knocks out Taggart. Carter, while fearing losing Zoe, inspects her device. However, before he was locked in the house, he had visited Taggert's lab. The following is a list of episodes of the American science fiction television drama Eureka. Kevin and Henry locate the Astraeus and Carter and Jo lead a rescue team. At home, Jo tells Zoe she cannot go out but Zoe does sneak out to perform at Café Diem. Henry solves the problem by pumping his asthma medicine into the air. Allison begins having memory lapses and her behaviour becomes erratic, leaving her frightened. Season 1 Episode 2: Sheriff Carter returns from a woman's funeral to find her alive in his office. 8. The fifth and final season ended on July 16, 2012. Eureka Entertainment is the leading independent distributor of classic silent/early films in the UK. She has forgotten everything since arriving in Eureka. Jo finds Zoe but instead of chastising her, she joins in the fun, drinking too much as she sings and flirts with Fargo. The "evil clones" work to recapture the Astraeus crew. [1], The creators were able to make minor changes through edits and they redubbed dialogue in later episodes (for instance, they removed the explicit mention of Zoe's first day at school) to minimize audience confusion. There, he finds a file hidden in a safe which he gives to Andy. It then resumes by draining power from Fargo himself. It finds Carter, who was connected wirelessly, and causes him to swap bodies with Astraeus crew members around him. Carter takes Allison on a romantic honeymoon that is not to her taste at the former sheriff's forest cabin. Henry stabilises Jo's DNA. Giving Zane an electrical shock ejects him from the simulation. Jo asks Zane to marry her and he accepts. Jo tries to sabotage Shaw's investigation to help Henry. Jack realizes that the person responsible for the disappearance of the crew is Senator Wen, who is Beverly's superior. 9. The designer is initially suspected, but an angry. "All That Glitters... A Night at Global Dynamics" (Part 2). Beverly returns to Eureka to avenge Holly's death by helping Carter rescue the crew. Henry produces a stun grenade. On February 16, 2012 Syfy … Kevin needs a part for a scanner he is building in the hope of locating the Astraeus. Carter survives and then proposes to Allison. The device of course backfires, creating a new magnetic pole over Eureka. This is a Christmas special set outside the main story. The trail eventually leads back to an attempt to extract the data stored in Kim 2.0's cells and the unusual properties of synthetic water. Error: please try again. He is to take away the matrix. Fargo confronts the fake Jo and forces her to confess. A U.S. Marshall becomes the sheriff of a remote cozy little Northwestern town of Eureka where the best minds in the US have secretly been tucked away to build futuristic inventions for the government which often go disastrously wrong. Eureka episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Taggart says his funding was stopped just as was on the verge of a breakthrough. Senator Wen logs Beverly out from the computer system so she cannot save Carter from the simulation, then Senator Wen and a large group of soldiers storm Henry's garage. A recently widowed woman has built a device that she believes will connect her with her husband in Heaven by creating a. Carter becomes irresistible to every woman in Eureka. I started watching it only recently, after going through Ergo Proxy. Henry and Grace's relationship therapy devices malfunction at a party, causing the main characters to see visions of people from their pasts: Jack sees Nathan Stark, Allison sees Tess Fontana, Jo sees the Zane from the previous timeline whilst Fargo sees a 10-year old girl, who he realises is his childhood bully. I'll Be Seeing You. Photos from the individual Eureka episodes are listed along with the Eureka episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Streaming Online Eureka Seven Episode 50 Sub Indo Subtitle Indonesia Download Episode Terbaru 720P 480P 360P 240P Sub Indo x265 These construction mites were created to build and maintain the Astraeus FTL spaceship. However, the dead Susan is a clone of the real Susan, created by Walter Perkins after the real Susan left him because he wanted the perfect life with her. Holly finally reveals that she isn't there to find a pretext to shut down Eureka, but rather that the town is to receive funds for the planning of a voyage to Titan using the new FTL drive. When the return of Eureka's star pupil causes problems all over town, Stark is forced to make a hard choice. Holly is using the printer to create clones that will replace the residents of Eureka. Episode List. On August 8, 2011, it was announced that season 5 will be the final season; it was later announced that the network has ordered an additional episode for season 5 to wrap up the series. Three people die. Carter, in swapping bodies, has to take Fargo and Zane's rehabilitation tests. The team at GD try to save him. They relentlessly pursue their primary function to construct ship parts from. Zoe visits Eureka and finds Jo fuming over delays in the rebuilding of her house. Meanwhile, Jo and Zane are finally freed and renew their relationship. Allison wants Carter to return but Jo feels she can find the saboteur herself. Zoe visits Eureka before her graduation. The wave of colour was caused by a Super Photon Generator, a massive holographic matrix. As Fargo makes a distraction, Carter shoots Taggart. The government has been relocating the world’s geniuses and their families… Episode List Eureka: Season 3: The sleepy Pacific Northwest town of Eureka is hiding a mysterious secret. Using a heat protective gel from Fargo and Vincent, Carter and Zane approach the heat and steam of the cloud farm. Jo and Zane become stuck together. Communication experiments in the FTL have caused the bugs to malfunction. The Astraeus Mission is to launch in 115 days. However, the device malfunctions due to sabotage and Jo receives an electrical shock. Carter and the GD scientists resolve the problem. Stark finds a cure which helps save Fargo. A fossil has been discovered on the site and progress has been halted. 106 Days remaining until the Astraeus Mission Launch. Henry finds Beverly in a cell in Stark's lab and sets her free. Carter's sister, Lexi, arrives. After his release from the pod, Dr Fargo quickly ages. A mutant form of the parasitic bacteria starts attacking Eureka' residents. Zane tells Fargo that Holly may still be alive within the program. Eureka's infrastructure is also collapsing, apparently due to a new DOD project. When they arrive, they find the ship and the simulator. Zane wakes to find a Consortium soldier about to shoot him, but is saved by Jo. At the end of the episode, everyone gathers for a Christmas dinner at the Smart House. [1], Season three production was interrupted and delayed by the 2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike.[2]. Allison begins to glow. Blake and Deacon fit in as a nurse and mechanic respectively. When Zoe slips and falls in a strange substance, Zoe, Zane, and their friends become trapped in a long forgotten. Following its accidental launch the Astraeus returns to Eureka and the crew discovers four years have elapsed in an instant. The Firefly is a ball of energy designed to seek out fires and absorb them. Taggart and Fargo hunt the creature. Where to Watch Season 1, Episode 9 Season 2 Episode 7: Fargo’s grandfather wakes from a fifty-year cryogenic sleep with no recall of the events leading up to his mysterious disappearance all those years ago. Zane finds that the computer matrix has located Holly. Jo rescues them. The Astraeus Mission to Titan launches in 140 days. The sleepy Pacific Northwest town of Eureka is hiding a mysterious secret. The show is set in the fictional town of Eureka, Oregon (although in the pilot episode Eureka was located in Washington – and the origin of a diamond in the episode "Best In Faux" was shown as Eureka, California). Carter must investigate a bank robbery in which the entire bank is literally stolen, leaving only the foundation. The Astreaus Mission launches in five hours. Fargo appears before the Technology Appropriations Committee, headed by Senator Wen, one of the Consortium members Beverly has mentioned in the past. Kevin steals Carter's car; Zane burns down Jo's newly-built house; Fargo conceives an instant hatred for Holly; and, worst of all, Henry and Grace decide to stop time so that they can be together forever. Carter and Andy go on a mission to find the part but are apprehended. Zane reinitiates Holly's neural pathways and saves her. Fargo is caught inside a forcefield that is expanding. Zoe is angry because she has to move to California with her mother Abby, and uses a self therapy device to help her work through her fears. In the woods, a group of teenagers sneak up to, The video of the teenagers being attacked is now on the. Vote Up … Episode Info Prev: 5x13 -- Just Another Day (Jul/16/2012) Wormholes randomly materialize around Eureka as the Department of Defense is set to shut the town down in the series finale. The following evening, the teenagers arrive again at the generators and are halted by the GD security men. Tess, meanwhile, receives a job offer in Australia, which she decides to pursue in spite of her burgeoning relationship with Carter. Episode 1: Eureka. Every good sci-fi show needs a Groundhog Day episode, and Eureka delivers with this one. Carter's avatar objects, and then starts to malfunction. Season 2 Episode 13: Global Dynamics is on biohazard alert after a flesh-eating bacterium permeates the facility. Zane, Fargo, Carter, Henry and Allison try to save Holly without alerting Shaw of her presence. A neurologist is the originator of the shared dreaming and he has a neural network of fifty people including Carter and Jo. It turns out that the freezing of a local lake in Eureka was the source, caused by a device built to control the weather. Eva Thorne sacrifices her only chance to be cured to save Zoe. In podcast commentaries, the show's creators and its star Colin Ferguson confirmed that the production order was that in which the producers intended. When Tiny's compression shield is dropped, the rover explodes. The episodes of the first season were not aired in the order intended by the show's creators, resulting in small inconsistencies. Beverly and Carter help the crew destroy the simulation by exploding the virtual Astraeus, the processing power needed to create the explosion overheating the central processor and allows Henry to track the crew. He thinks that the readings on his new energy-measuring device indicate the presence of ghosts. The children realize the connection between the generator and their book. Zane is arrested for tampering with the evidence files. The fifth season of Eureka premiered on April 16, 2012 on the cable network Syfy in the United States. The series first aired on July 18, 2006. Down but not out yet, Ranma makes plans to defeat Happosai and recover the chart he needs to undo the Strength-Sapping Moxibustion. The first episode aired in Japan on April 17, 2005, and the final episode … 9. Episode 2 42 mins. Eureka becomes super-saturated with oxygen. Year: 2012. On August 17, 2010, Syfy announced that there would be a fifth season. The power shortage and a number of power arrays in Eureka have fuelled. Henry learns of the accident from zeta waves being emitted from individuals who were connected to Senator Wen's neural network. The return of Henry's ship brings with it a surprise: his former love, Kim, a creation of the ship's organic computer, is on board. Stark tells Carter the information about the creature is classified. Jack investigates the deaths of scientists who have drowned in unusual circumstances following Allison's baby shower. The control room drops into a bunker 1 mile (1.6 km) beneath GD. However, the explosion causes the simulation to collapse with the crew inside. Zane sees a bird stuck in a rock and goes to help it. Once rescued, Kevin is separated from the influence of the Artifact with the help of a transportation device. The Matrix program, having corrupted Holly and Andy, implants the NPC personalities of Jo, Carter and Henry into body-printed duplicates. Margaret Dunlap, Nina Fiore & John Herrera. Carter and Jo are part of the neurologist's neural network. The team discover a doomsday weapon (a type of bomb) in an abandoned military complex. GD's security mode locks Allison, Kevin, Henry, and Beverly in the control room. Season 2 Episode 4: After receiving a blow to the head, Carter appears to be living in a parallel universe; one in which the inhabitants of Eureka are disappearing one-by-one. Created by Andrew Cosby, Jaime Paglia. Holly and the evil clones are disabled and kept in storage. U.S. Fargo's grandfather, Dr. Pierre Fargo, is revived from cryogenic suspension in an unmarked sleeper pod at GD. When Carter interrupts the work, he and Grant are trapped in the past. Eureka is threatened by a parasitic bacterium that turns all metal into gold and then into rust. Following its accidental launch the Astraeus returns to Eureka and the crew discovers four years have elapsed in an instant. 0. After the cancellation announcement came down, the cable channel ordered an additional episode to allow Eureka some sort of proper finale. Season 2 Episode 10: Sudden muteness, human bioluminescence and faucets running blood, cause many of Eureka’s citizens to believe that a biblical plague may be upon them. A gunshot sounds and the screen goes dark. Suddenly, objects in the café fly about. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Mysteryserie Eureka – Die geheime Stadt, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Taggart says it was too early for human trials. Year: ... Rate. Eureka is an American science fiction television series that premiered on Sci-Fi Channel on July 18, 2006. When the population of Eureka has shrunk to just himself and Zoe, Carter realizes he is trapped in the device. Deacon determines they were transported by a space-time bridge that was created by a device built by, Deacon works on the space-time bridge device to reset the timeline but further anomalies occur. Episode 1 84 mins. Scientists compete to be in the crew. Eureka is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. Eureka loses its power supply. At the end of the episode, the Astraeus crew is announced and Jo reveals that she withdrew her name after her interview, much to Zane's bewilderment. Carter and Henry are adjusting to the restored timeline however Carter keeps confusing his tenses when events don't happen as he remembered them because they are now living in the true timeline. - - - [ Eureka Seven :: Eps: 50 :: Rating: 9.9/10 ] - - - - [ Intro ] - While enduring one of my anime-deprivation periods, I saw Eureka Seven with a high rating. Carter suspects foul play but his investigations are being hampered. The wife of the scientist who built Martha increased the drone's intelligence and gave it a teenage girl's personality. Meanwhile, freak weather events escalate, and Carter's attention is redirected to investigating. She plugs Carter into the simulation to replace his avatar just as its about to kill Zane. Zane and Jo begin reconnecting, while Beverly covertly returns to Eureka by implanting Allison with a control device. Allison must find out why and save him. In trying to solve the problems, the peptide is put into Eureka's air and Eureka's male residents are affected. Martha destroys Carter's car, and attacks Carter and Jo at the Sheriff's office. Holly receives a mysterious message. Track Eureka season 4 episodes. Fargo, who was previously held hostage by his car's Artificial Intelligence system (Tabitha), arrives on the scene to tell Alison that the device that everyone has been building is a Boson Cloud Exciter, a catcher's mitt for a faster than light space jump. Within the simulation, the crew unload biological experiments from Astraeus. The bomb is triggered and the town is saved. Jack and Allison work to overthrow SARAH, and restore the town to its former glory. Season 1 Episode 4: Alien-abduction hysteria sparks the kidnapping of a congressman and puts Carter in a crossfire. On election day in Eureka, when Lexi is expecting twin boys, an artificial sun built by a student at Tesla School threatens to go supernova. Marshal Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) stumbles upon this odd town after wrecking his car and becoming stranded there. When Allison becomes director of GD, the computer reboots. However, Grace is protecting Henry as it was Henry's former timeline self who introduced Grace to Beverly. Allison arrives and greets Tess warmly as they are college friends. Tondemonai Hissatsuwaza!?) The mainframe searches for the members of Senator Wen's neural experiment. Major William Shaw from the Department of Defense, arrives at GD to install a new security system called "PANOP". Jack, Andy, Allison, and Jo arrive at the super Photon Generator. "Jaime Paglia – Executive Producer & Writer of "Eureka" – The Scorecard Review", "EUREKA AND WAREHOUSE 13 TEAM UP FOR FIRST EVER CROSSOVER EPISODES", "Syfy's Eureka & Haven Friday Night Combo Delivers 2.5 & 2.3 Million Total Viewers", "Monday Cable Ratings: "All-Star" Softball Edges Out, "Monday Cable: Bears-Giants Preseason Wins +, "Monday Cable: 'Monday Night Football' Rules; 'Pawn Stars,' 'The Closer,' 'Rizzoli & Isles,' 'American Pickers' & More", "Tuesday Cable Ratings: 'Teen Mom 2' Premiere, 'American Chopper' Top 'Sons of Anarchy' Finale + 'Storage Wars,' 'Covert Affairs,' 'Moonshiners' & More", "Eureka – Season 5 – SyFy orders one extra episode to wrap up the series", "Syfy Unveils Spring Schedule, Sets Premiere Date For Eureka Season 5", "Monday Cable Ratings: 'Pawn Stars,' 'WWE Raw,' 'Basketball Wives,' 'American Pickers' & More", "Monday Cable Ratings: 'Pawn Stars,' 'WWE Raw,' 'Basketball Wives,' 'American Chopper' & More", "Monday Cable Ratings:'WWE Raw', 'Pawn Stars', 'Bad Girl Club', 'American Chopper, 'Basketball Wives', 'Ridiculousness' & More", "Monday Cable Ratings: NBA Playoffs + 'WWE Raw', 'Bad Girls Club', 'Basketball Wives', 'American Chopper' & More", "Monday Cable Ratings: NBA Playoffs Wins Night, 'WWE', 'Basketball Wives', 'American Chopper', 'Secret Life', 'American Pickers' & More", "Monday Cable Ratings: NBA Basketball, + 'Pawn Stars', 'WWE Raw', 'La La's Full Court Life', 'Basketball Wives' + More", "Monday Cable Ratings: NBA Playoffs + 'Pawn Stars', 'WWE Raw', 'American Pickers', 'Cajun Pawn Stars', 'Basketball Wives' + More", "Monday Cable Ratings: 'WWE Raw' Wins Night, 'Single Ladies', 'Secret Life of the American Teenager', 'Bunheads', 'Basketball Wives', 'Pawn Stars' & More", "Monday Cable Ratings: 'Pawn Stars' + 'WWE Raw', 'American Pickers', 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta', 'Single Ladies' & 'Hardcore History, "Monday Cable Ratings:'Pawn Stars' Wins Night, 'WWE Raw', 'Single Ladies', 'Secret Life of the American Teen', 'Bunheads', 'Teen Wolf', & More", "Monday Cable Ratings: WWE Raw + 'Pawn Stars', 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta', 'Single Ladies 2', 'American Pickers' & More", "Monday Cable Ratings: 'Home Run Derby' Wins Night, 'Love and Hip Hop', 'The Closer', 'Single Ladies', 'Teen Wolf', 'Bunheads,' 'Secret Life of the American Teenager' & More", "Monday Cable Ratings: 'WWE RAW' Wins Night, + 'Love and Hip-Hop', 'Single Ladies 2', 'The Closer', 'Lizard Lick Towing', 'Perception' & More", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Eureka_episodes&oldid=996032602, Lists of American science fiction television series episodes, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The people of Eureka have just laid Susan Perkins to rest and so Carter and townsfolk are surprised when she returns. Fargo becomes trapped under rubble from an affected building. Carter must find what is drawing it there before disaster strikes. itunes. Allison tells Carter that she is pregnant. Eureka Seven is an anime series created and produced by Bones and directed by Tomoki Kyoda. Eureka's residents fear they are the victims of a Biblical plague because they have experienced sudden muteness, lethal human bio-luminescence, and faucets running blood. The Eureka residents believe the device is responsible for the incapacitation of the scientists but Carter and Zane Donovan, a clever yet antisocial young man find the truth. A man who has a device allowing him to fly and also to walk through walls appears in Eureka. Meanwhile, Abby comes to understand Zoe is a part of a good community in Eureka, and decides not to take her away. Later, at Café Diem, Carter finds Drechmeyer who claims ghosts are present. Strange occurrences at first seem linked to someone trying to sabotage the Astraeus mission, but soon are revealed to have an origin much more rooted in Carter's past. 10. Zane restarts the computer matrix mainframe that created the virtual Eureka in the hope of recovering some of the corrupted data. There's no obvious connection until Carter notes that Zane isn't dressed like everyone else. Lucas is considering a disaster closer to home: Zoe's imminent absence. A scientist who is also caught in the loop is killed when he tries to fix it. Zoe has interfered with a fellow student's project for the high school science fair, a magnetic array, as revenge for the student ruining her own. Following a solar eclipse, some Eureka residents spontaneously combust. ... Eureka's citizens face the return of people from the past; Global Dynamics tests a new device. Henry admits he caused the parasitic bacteria incident and is arrested by military police. However, these were supervised and controlled. Season 1 Episode 12: Eureka's future looks to be one of joy, but time-tampering might make it end in tragedy. The building of the generators has originated in the signal from space. However, network executives changed the order to try to place the stronger episodes earlier in the run to attract viewers. The only thing that kills the insects is cold. The time loop escalates, threatening the town and beyond. Rate. Taggart, now a creature, prepares to attack Carter. Watch full episodes of Eureka and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at TVGuide.com The children introduce villainous Snow Ninjas to the cartoon and they merge to form a snow monster. A new scientist, Holly Martin, arrives in Eureka. Grace returns when anonymous information about Senator Wen is given to federal authorities in exchange for Grace's freedom. The time line in Eureka may alter again. Later, the inhabitants of Eureka start disappearing, absorbed by a light, and forgotten to everyone who remains (except to Carter). The additional draw on the system's processing power causes it to overheat, putting the town in danger. As Allison and Jack change a flat tire, the creature attacks them. Andy, being a robot, considers the chances of fixing the problem low and declines to help but inspired by Carter's bravery, he decides to go ahead. With each episode of the show focusing on a new scientific catastrophe, Jack Carter's people skills are constantly in demand. Henry agrees. Jack's jeep comes alive, Andy is turned into a cartoonish robot, and Jo becomes a princess. As weather patterns worsen and hurricane conditions form, everyone must give their all in what becomes a perilous exercise in applied physics. Carter, Lupo and Fargo are arrested by the military of 1947 for spying. Items on this list include “What About Bob?” and “E-MC...?.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Eureka episode is from? Episode Recap Eureka on TV.com. Space junk is massing over Eureka, forming a giant debris cloud that threatens to destroy the town and its inhabitants. Andy replaces Lupo. Allison discovers Holly using the body-printer. Taggart's "Santaology" technology is sabotaged so that Eureka may shrink to nothing. On August 17, 2010, Syfy announced that there will be a fifth season. Rate. Season 2 Episode 9: An abandoned research project on invisibility returns to haunt Eureka. Grant returns as Dr. Rockwell. It is set outside the main story. Season 2 Episode 8: An experiment that will recreate the first moments of the origins of the universe - the "big bang" - goes terribly awry leaving the fate of Eureka in the hands of an antisocial uber-genius. The ship lands. Season 1 Episode 5: An artifact imbues a scientist with wondrous healing powers, but at a terrible price. When a third theft occurs at GD, the DNA scanner identifies Jo as the thief. RSS. Henry reconstructs the interface and downloads Holly into SARAH's computer. However, the force field's power wanes. Season: OR . In addition to these episodes, there is a short webisode series called "Hide and Seek", which was available on Syfy's Eureka homepage.. At 45 days to the launch of the Astraeus Mission, the candidates undergo final interviews, sharing memories of pivotal moments in their lives with the selection committee. They disable Eureka's electromagnetic shield in order to be free. Fargo faces the same end. However, it is also a fire hazard. A "Big Bang" device has been made to investigate the origins of the universe. At GD, machines malfunction due to the presence of the Astraeus crew. However the culprit turns out to be the students mother, who had stolen her daughters device to complete her own project on schedule. Carter realizes that the crew has not been lost in space, but on Earth. Strange things begin to occur. Eureka! An attempt to escape SARAH from within initiates Al BRAD (a military feature) and so the captives must choose to live in the house or die leaving it. Martha is taken to GD. Jo kisses Fargo just as Zane enters the café. Henry does not want to install the new device, so Jo is called in to give the deciding vote. Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for. Fargo must make the terrible choice of leaving the machine running and trying to save Holly or shutting it down to stop it from destroying Carter's mind. Lexi hides her pregnancy from him. Eureka is an American science fiction television series that premiered on Syfy on July 18, 2006. Carter and the GD lure the insects into the refrigerator at Cafe Diem and lower the temperature to 0 K (−273 °C; −460 °F). At the end of the episode an alien object is detected heading for Eureka. The episodes in the first season were not aired in the order intended by the show's creators. Carter, Taggert and Stark work to access the bunker. The grid is shut down and all those who are affected fall into a coma. With nowhere to call home other than his own jail cell, Carter is taken by, When a world renowned scientist arrives in Eureka, Carter and, Carter helps an elderly scientist. An experiment with a cloud of smart-dust disrupts communications in Eureka and threatens human brain functions. Holly uses a laser in GD to write a message. Zane, in a drunken state, crashes an expensive prototype in front of General Mansfield. Episode List. Trapped in that person's body, Jo has to convince a skeptical Zane of her true identity. However, Beverly's team and the crew are gone. … Deacon finds a slight power shortage in the ship so the launch countdown must be postponed. The people of Eureka finish the generators and they create a torrent of blue energy that shoots up into the sky. Fargo is chased away. Jo struggles to find him innocent. Season 4 was made in two parts and two stand alone Christmas specials. The FTL ship's drive at GD accidentally activates, sending Andy to Titan.

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