Panasonic's Professional Edition OLED panel gets an IQ upgrade and the result is dazzling, says Steve May There's never been a better time to invest in premium home theatre, now that multiplex screens have lost their silvery allure and cinema concessions now come with a side order of anxiety. V-Log has log curve characteristics that some would say are reminiscent of negative film and V-Gamut delivers a color space even larger than film, encompassing the entire BT.2020 color space, which in turn provides enough latitude and color space for HDR. Here Panasonic have you covered with a range of home cinema systems and sound bars to make sure that what you hear is just as stunning as what you see from a true 4k home cinema system. VAVA 4K. The more recent streaming devices can give you the 4k experience and there are more available today than ever before. VariCam LT provides the ultimate solution for cinematic live video productions. X100-4K+ projector comes with the power-packed features, premium design and excellent audio-visual quality in their everyday home cinema lives”, says Muneer Ahmad, AV Head, ViewSonic India. This technology and know-how are now invigorating a new lineup — VariCam Pure, VariCam 35 and VariCam LT. V-Log/V-Gamut with 14+ stops of dynamic range, 3:2 6K/24p full-frame capture, 10-bit Cinema 4K/4K 60p/50p recording, and unlimited recording time. Panasonic cinema cameras for multicamera live video production systems. The Panasonic HTB258 offers the same high resolution audio, but also with a 2.1 channel cinema system delivering an impressive 120 watts of power along with a wireless subwoofer and virtual surround with a range of sound modes that ensure what you hear is just amazing as the things you see. HDR and BT.2020 grading output is also available for post-production. You might need to consider your internet connection, your subscription services, cables and connections and most importantly; making sure you have the sound quality to match. The bevel cut finish around its edges looks attractive enough, as does the brushed effect on the top panel. The good news here is that there has never been a better time to shop around for better deals and faster connection speeds and it is a worthwhile endeavour as streaming in 4k involves a lot more data. Bring high-end cinematic camera performance to your live or near-live multicam video productions. Browse Panasonic Home Cinema. Light Source: … An amazing visual feast can often mean very little if the sound quality doesn’t match it. If you get an external source, you might need to upgrade other gear in your system, starting with… 4. Type: 4K Blu-ray … High 2,400 lm of Brightness with the Advanced Red-Rich Lamp The new 220 W Red-Rich Lamp increases the luminous efficiency of the projector to … Panasonic sets the bar high with a do-it-all mid-ranger that has a penchant for popcorn, says Steve May Panasonic's multi-talented, mid-range HX800 LED LCD could be the screen home … You might be streaming your favourite boxsets, the latest movie releases, your lovingly curated playlists or the latest 4k Blu-ray movies. But up close, the player looks and feels a little cheap and plasticky. Enable remote control of select Panasonic cameras via your iOS / Android mobile device. Learn how VariCam CINELIVE live camera systems help increase congregation engagement. 4k is here to stay and upgrading to ensure you make the most of your 4k TV’s potential is a great plan that will keep on delivering rewards time and again. Specs - TC-65GZ2000 - 4K Ultra HD OLED Televisions - Our top-of-the-range 4K OLED TV is tuned & used by Hollywood picture experts. The dynamic range of the VariCam is 14+ stops with V-Log. When you're investing in new camera gear, purchasing from an authorized Panasonic reseller gets you access to the Panasonic professional video support team and ensures you're getting quality equipment that will include warranty coverage. With that in mind, if you have been on the same deal for a long time with your current provider, it simply might not be fast enough, even if your streaming quality looked OK before. Sorry, you need to enable JavaScript to visit this website. Learn how cinematographer David Diley captures exotic ocean life with EVA1 cinema camera. The Dual Native ISO capability is an absolute game changer in cinema camera technology. V-Log with V-Gamut has enough latitude and color space to allow you to capture vivid HDR. The DP-UB9000 is Panasonic’s latest flagship 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player and, ... a full home cinema system and laser projector in a sleek and compact box – boasting 2,500 lumens … Amazon recommends around 15mbps to really get the most out of 4k streaming, whilst Netflix and YouTube suggest a higher speed of 20mbps. As you can see from the checklist above, there are some things that might need to be done, but you’ll be very glad you did... LUMIX S Series Full Frame Cameras & Lenses, Camera Products Repair & Maintenance Services, Panasonic HiFi & Headphones : Made To Move You,{0}, //{0}?client_id=1CF6791D-7630-4D77-8BE6-23EA1D884409, //{0}, //{0}, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-in.png, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-out.png, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-soon.png, Please accept our Cookie Policy to add to basket. Panasonic Blu-ray players feature 4K upscaling for enhanced picture quality, screen-mirroring for sharing content from smartphones and tablets, internet apps, full web browsers and more. Panasonic’s cinema camera lineup is well positioned to serve your high-end cinema feature, episodic TV, commercial and indie film production needs. 14+ stops of latitude lets you record and display all of the highlights as well as all of the shadows — you no longer have to choose. Of course a 4K Blu-ray player needs 4K Blu-ray discs to look its best. The complete Panasonic cinema camera lineup has been stringently evaluated and tested to ensure it meets the technical and workflow requirements accepted by the Netflix Post Technology Alliance. Home Cinema Panasonic Panasonic introduces the BT-4LH310 787.4 mm (31 inches) 4K LCD monitor, to provide powerful support for 4K and 2K/HD image production for broadcasting and cinema applications. The next level of home entertainment is yours with the DP-UB820 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player. The BT-4LH310 boasts stunning display resolution in both 4K … The Panasonic HTB200 features Smart Networking Bluetooth and a two-channel system delivering 80 watts of crisp, clear, powerful sound. Capturing Crazy Rich Asians with VariCam PURE. The BenQ HT3500 4K Home Theater Projector is focused on the big picture, projecting hyper-realistic visuals for movie watching and gaming sessions. Our website uses cookies and similar tools to improve its performance and enhance your user experience and by continuing to use this website without … The compact HTB200 Sound Bar features two full-range speakers to surround the listener with clear acoustics and stereophonic effects. Panasonic's HCX (Hollywood Cinema Experience) processor maximizes color, clarity and detail in 4K/HDR formats like HDR10+ and Dolby Vision to provide a range of home cinema options from 4K UHD Blu-ray discs to 4K upscaling, voice assist, VOD 4K … Extremely Compact 10,000 lm Laser Projection at 4K +. You get a matching chunky remote that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. 4k TV is all about incredible resolution, roughly four thousand pixels horizontally across your television’s screen, so if you were impressed by past resolutions such as HD and Full-HD then you had better prepare yourself, because 4k is a significant leap forwards. A brilliant 4K Blu-ray player, with an attractive price tag to boot. Boasting a super 35mm sensor and superb imaging capabilities, the VariCam LT cinema camcorder offers a one-piece, shorter-bodied design; lighter weight at just over 2.7 kg; and a low price point. Here Panasonic have you covered with a range of home cinema systems and sound bars to make sure that what you hear is just as stunning as what you see from a true 4k home cinema system. Panasonic TV 2020 — OLED. Tout d’abord, Panasonic a réduit l’intervalle entre les étapes … Sony UBP-X700. © 2020 Panasonic Corporation of North America. If you are struggling to see an image or if the image cuts out and there is static, then there is a strong possibility that your old cables can’t handle the higher resolution and an upgrade is needed. OK Please close this window and try again. It is likely that your current cables will suffice for your shiny new 4k home cinema system...Probably. Sorry, this product is currently unavailable at any of our online retailers, How to upgrade your home cinema system for 4k TV. Our website uses cookies and similar tools to improve its performance and enhance your user experience and by continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent to their use. The Panasonic DP-UB820EB is a chunky rectangle of a deck. Positioned above Samsung’s rival UBD-K8500 in both price and spec, this a player designed to serve the AV enthusiast – it’s the first source component we’ve seen to get THX 4K … Drop by for equipment service, maintenance or warranty claim support. Stepping up your AV game is the only sensible solution, and Panasonic… News, User Stories, Reviews & Testimonials. Create cinematic images with newly developed 5.7K Super 35 mm sensor and color science inherited from the VariCam cinema camera series. To find a projector, use the filters below to narrow down the list of available projectors based on features that … With ISO 5000, you see more detail than the human eye at low light levels — without adding noise. UHD and 4K Capable Home Theater Projectors 4K. Producing a cinema-style docuseries in highly-demanding conditions with Panasonic cinema cameras. The Panasonic HTB208 delivers that same level of quality and both models offer a stylish, compact fit beneath your Panasonic TV or anywhere else you want them. And our professional video support team stands by our products, even offering enhanced service and support packages that provide accidental damage coverage. We are proud to say that our full lineup of cinema cameras is approved for use on Netflix Original Productions. HZ2000. It feels as if no expense has been spared on the design, whether it’s the chunky aluminium body or the components found inside.The DP-UB9000 makes Panasonic’s previous flagship player, the DMP-UB900 (£600), and the Cambridge Audio CXUHD (£700), look and feel a little budget in comparison.It uses a rigid two-layer chassis which helps promote low noise a… The Panasonic cinema camera lineup features V-Log and V-Gamut capture to deliver high dynamic range and broad colors. The build quality of the DP-UB9000 can best be described as bomb-proof. Projectors Reviews News Locations Case Studies. The best way to be sure is to set up your home cinema system with your existing connections and see for yourself. The LUMIX S1H is the new full-frame mirrorless camera that delivers cinema-quality video. It’s a lot wider and taller than proper budget Blu-ray players and the beefier dimensions give it a more substantial look. All Rights Reserved. The new imager boasts an impressive 14+ stops of latitude, and faithfully captures high-contrast, wide dynamic range imagery without compromise. The Panasonic … Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. There's never been a better time to invest in premium home theatre, now that multiplex screens have lost their silvery allure and cinema … Enhanced service, support, training & accidental damage coverage. The VariCam super 35mm native 4K sensor is developed especially for capturing the celebrated cinematic VariCam colorimetry. The new Epson Home Cinema 5050UB and Home Cinema 5050UBe 4K PRO-UHD aren't the most expensive home theater projectors in the company's line-up, but at the moment they are arguably the most advanced, and make the loudest statement about how the company views today's still-evolving home … Panasonic’s cinema camera lineup is well positioned to serve your high-end cinema feature, episodic TV, commercial and indie film production needs. Understanding that camera needs vary from project to project, we've developed a full cinema camera lineup that works well together. We want you to tell your story without worrying about cameras not color matching or being incompatible. The VariCam 35 utilizes a Panasonic super 35mm MOS sensor for 4096 x 2160 (17:9) 4K image capture; when combined with the AVC-ULTRA codecs for 4K, this imager enables very manageable and practical 4K production file sizes. Panasonic's Professional Edition OLED panel gets an IQ upgrade and the result is dazzling, says Steve May. See More. “The launch comes, bearing in mind the current times when people understand the importance of home … The VariCam Pure features a true 4K Super 35 sensor, offering 14+ stops of latitude and integrated recording to Codex Capture Drives. Resolution: 3840x2160 DLP. Brightness: 2500 ANSI Lumens. CineLive with the VariCam LT and EVA-Live with the AU-EVA1 brings a high-quality finished look to your multicam, live or near-live video production at a lower cost, all in a versatile multi-camera system that will grow with you over time. You can of course, still stream your content on slower speeds but if you have experienced 4k, then you probably won’t want to. The VariCam LT offers a host of new features, including an EF lens mount, hot-swappable batteries, IR shooting capability, a 23.98 PsF output, cinema … From A cam to B cam, jib to gimbal, dolly to drone, tripod to shoulder mount, CODEX to SD cards, we are confident we have the camera that will meet your needs. The Cinema VariCam line of 4K cameras has been used on a wide variety of movies, commercials, and TV programs, and is renowned for its color reproduction, look, and for bringing progressive workflows to the production industry. Free look library for V-Log footage from VariCam, EVA1 & S1H cinema cameras. Its Pro Edition OLED panel delivers fabulously filmic … It is ideal for handheld, Steadicam, jib, crane, gimbal and drone shooting applications, as well as all types of cinéma vérité filmmaking. The thing to remember here is that generally external streaming devices tend to be much more up to date and more versatile than built-in TV apps. Contul meu. Recent selectate: Alege locatia: + 0 km 0 + 0 km 0 + 2 km 2 + 5 km 5 + 10 km 10 + 15 km 15 + 30 km 30 + 50 … Dual Native ISO provides advantages to not just the look of the footage, but also enables creative breakthroughs in lighting considerations on set or in uncontrolled environments, as well as helping to alleviate project budget or time constraints. Weighing less than six pounds (body-only), the VariCam LT captures true 4K footage and is ideal for handheld, Steadicam, jib, crane, gimbal, and drone shooting applications, as well as cinéma vérité-style filmmaking. A 4k Blu-ray player will really unleash the potential of your 4k TV. With renown color reproduction, progressive workflows and exceptional reliability, you can trust our cinema cameras with bringing your creative vision to the screen. Explore the Panasonic PT-AE8000EA - Home Cinema. The new HCX Pro Intelligent Processor faithfully delivers the … Developed and introduced with the VariCam 35, it allows you to capture scenes with a single candle or just practical lights without loss of dynamic range, resolution or color. Images may be simulated for demonstration purposes. 4k is a feature on more and more televisions, so the chances are good that your new, or next TV will be ready to show you what you’ve been missing, but what about the rest of your home cinema system? Panasonic ajoute au HZ2000 quelques fonctionnalités supplémentaires conçues pour ravir à la fois les amateurs de cinéma et les studios. If it looks amazing then you can rest assured that all is well and get down to the business of enjoying your content. With Quad Pixel Drive … Panasonic has partnered with Codex to deliver a fully-integrated camera solution in a compact, lightweight, and rugged body ideal for handheld, Steadicam, and remote head work. Anunturi pe Adauga anunt nou. The ability to capture accurate colors and rich skin tones is a must for any filmmaker. The sensor has won the prestigious Hollywood Post Alliance Engineering Excellence Award and continues to wow post-production houses, colorists, and DPs that work with the footage day in and day out. Transform your home entertainment by adding a whole new soundscape with a Panasonic home cinema … It stands to reason that streaming content of a much higher quality will eat in to the speeds of your internet connection. CINELIVE:EVA1 is the ultimate solution for budget-friendly live multi-camera production. It’… Panasonic Home Theater Projectors. A Panasonic representative will contact you. Supports high bandwidth NDI for low latency transmission of high-quality 4K 60p video, and SRT for high-quality and stable transmission, and also compatible with 12G-SDI output for use in a wide range of … With the same precision product engineering and design knowledge that has served the production industry for years, the Panasonic cinema camera lineup provides the ultimate package of imaging and camera performance for your productions. Experience ultimate immersion with these 4K capable and ultra-high definition (UHD) projectors. An innovative color separation filter is optimized to offer natural color and accurate color linearity.

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