Together, they recite these opening lines: “Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. It is used when discussing a story and if the story can be easily followed by the reader. That shrine and old documents were destroyed, and this is known as (The Great Fire of Mayugoro). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public). Just like Taki and Mitsuha, the past and future comets that will strike Itomori are bound together, regardless of space or time. In Hitoha’s mind, respecting traditions and rituals are important, even when you don’t understand them. I do, however, want to share my opinion on why they forgot each other. I am so confused. Sometimes unravel, break = the timelines not in step, and the eventual hindrance of body switching. Quand on sait tout ça, la scène du crépuscule dans le film prend tout son sens, le 誰そ彼 étant devenu 君の名は kimi no na wa, quel es ton nom ?, Mitsuha étant morte a ce moment et Taki vivant, ils se retrouvent et se dévoilent leurs sentiments en criant les prénoms de l’autre 誰そ彼 tasogare a comme expliqué dans le film une variante, 彼は誰 kawatare, signifiant également "qui es-tu". If mitsuhaya was back in her timeline (2013) she would be alive with Taki in her timeline (the Taki who didn’t know she exist by the time) . Remember: that term is a local dialect. But since he exchanged her body in the time before she was killed.. This website was… how do you say it? In modern Itamori (where they have LOST ALL RECORDS) the defining characteristics are the Hida mountains and Musubi is a mountain kami/god. Leaving it required leaving their memories of each other; the thing that was most important to them. This feeling has possessed me I think from that day when the stars came falling. 22 décembre – Réflexion - une instance Peertube pour mes conférences, 7 décembre – Olivier Fallaix & Rui Pascoal à travers les générations, 30 novembre – Décoration de meuble par transfert d’impression, 18 novembre – Le podcast Les doigts dans la prise, Your name - Explication de la scène du crépuscule, I don’t remember exactly but I think it may be japanese, but it’s this theory of the red string. (dare), et le deuxième est le pronom utilisé pour "il" (kare) Dans ce recueil manyôshû, figure ce poème 誰そ彼 (tasogare), 誰(た)そ彼と The comet whose crater they live in. (Alcools: Crépuscule) Brushed by the shadows of the dead ... And all that trembles in your eyes of my dreams That a lonely man drinks Under flames of gas red like a false dawn O clothed your arm is lifted See the speaker stick his tongue out at the listeners ... And my ships, singing, give a name to the years. Il faut plutôt le voir comme un nouveau partage (...) », « Comme le dit Kraesdan, ce n’est absolument pas "se mettre en avant", c’est (...) ». All we know is that Mitsuha and Taki Tachibana, despite not knowing each other and being miles away from one another, have somehow bonded over this celestial event that has captivated Japan. Il brosse un portait en noir et blanc, à la fois poétique, délicat et bouleversant du crépuscule d’un monde sur le point de disparaître. And I think the movie’s plot can be much better understood if we lay out all of its main components in chronological order. In effect, the entire movie becomes a defamiliarization of finding your true soulmate. When the world blurs and one might encounter something not human.”. This is what severs his body switching days with Mitsuha. of years before Mitsuha and Taki existed, a comet struck Earth. As the years go by, both Taki and Mitsuha can’t shake the feeling that something (or someone) is missing from their lives. 3. Taki and Mitsuha falling in love was Musubi’s intentions all along and we can say that he was actually hoping for it to happen but it wasn’t relevant enough until the third comet drop actually happened. His name was strange to the scientific and learned societies, and he never was known to take part in the sage deliberations of the Royal Institution or the London Institution, the Artisan's Association, or the Institution of Arts and Sciences. It could be that two different comets struck Earth at two different points in time, but I’ll assume that, based on what happens to present-day Itomori, that the first comet split into several fragments as well. Besides, Shinto doesn’t have “gods” in the way you describe. While performing the kuchikamizake ceremony, Mitsuha’s classmates make fun of her. Most of them won’t collide with Earth, but one breaks off and hurtles directly towards the town of Itomori. Or the god is actually wanting and hoping for Taki to figure out why he is drawn to a town he hasn’t been before which resulted to him finding that the town is destroyed and Mitsuha is already dead. Love all of it. However, to calculate it, we use only the vowels. Even when someone is gone…they’re never truly gone from your life. There are many cameo appearances; Taki and Mitsuha probably being the most prominent. She becomes one with its past and its future—she becomes one with her home. We could not even make a weapon that could strike so accurately as that comet does every 1200 years. Because Mitsuha exists three years behind Taki, and because the movie randomly jumps between those time periods, the story doesn’t flow in chronological order. The dream I must have had I can never recall. 2.1 Des secteurs absents en France…; 2.2 Des économies découplées…; 2.3 Une devise procyclique…; 3 Erreur #3 : vouloir « faire des coups » !. Also remember: Mitsuha created the kuchikamizake, but it was Taki in Mitsuha’s body that offered the kuchikamizake in the Miyamizu Shrine. Because while all of the confusing plot elements of Your Name can be explained, I believe they gain power and even more meaning when we can connect those explanations to Mitsuha and Taki’s desire to find love—a feeling we can all empathize with. The new stadium has been completed in the movie, but it’s still under construction at the moment (Aug. 2019). If a moment steps outside the movie’s logical structure? This is why Toshiki was never able to retain his connection with Futaba after she died like Taki was able to retain his connection with Mitsuha—Toshiki rejected tradition, while Taki embraced it. I’ll also list all of this out in text form below the image if you’d rather read it that way. That’s the important task we at Miyamizu Shrine have.”. I’m guessing the expression somehow found it’s way here from Asia. And Your Name treats that feeling as an ethereal one. Your Name raconte l’histoire de liens qui se tissent et se rompent entre deux ados. It’s half of you.”. Aujourd’hui en japonais, on utilise le prénom de l’autre plutôt qu’un pronom (comme en français), qui est considéré plutôt irrespectueux si on connaît le nom de l’autre. Tous les décès depuis 1970, évolution de l'espérance de vie en France, par département, commune, prénom et nom de famille ! Decide if you want to be anonymous. Malgré ceci, il faut noter que le cheval y voit très bien au crépuscule. First, the one that created the shrine of Musubi, then the one that created the lake, then the one that destroys Ishimori. See more. But the thing that triggers me is was there really an alternate timeline.. Taki visits the shrine he remembers from his time in Mitsuha’s body. Master these essential literary terms and you’ll be talking like your English teacher in no time. So Taki isn’t leaving behind half of himself, but the half of Mitsuha that Mitsuha had created with the kuchikamizake. Surtout, Your Name. like dreaming a past event that happened and then trying to find it and then its already gone like in itomori town. These are all the god’s power. Fun fact: IF Mitsuha didn’t switch with Taki who had a crush, the date will never happen. When they switch back, Mitsuha is back on her body. And this was after finding the “who are you?” note. Ce qui est évident est évident, par définition – pour tout le monde. Lire ma critique de Kimi no na wa - Your Name, Comme cette personne n’a pas de blog et que nous sommes plusieurs à avoir demandé à regroupé ses messages en un seul et même texte, j’ai demandé et ai eu son accord. When you keep twining like that, emotions will eventually start flowing between you and the thread. Comme ses prédécesseurs, Bloodborne est un jeu secret, cachotier, qui distille tous les éléments narratifs nécessaires à sa compréhension au gré des descriptions d’objets, et des dialogues avec certains PNJ. So why would the term kataware-doki be so prevalent at one time? Why hasn’t the god just switched them the time of day before the comet dropped you might ask? Yue Lao (Chinese: 月老; pinyin: Yuè Lǎo; literally: ‘old man under the moon’) is a god of marriage and love in Chinese mythology. The comet whose center holds the shrine to their Musubi. Motley Fool writer Dayana Yochim says the majority of errors involve dates, but other mistakes can happen, too. Anyhow, i what i really want to know is how did mitsuha managed to convinced her dad to evacuate the townspeople?? Chronologically Taki and Mitsuha didn’t know each other yet in 2020 so they meet after the events of the movie. How to use explicative in a sentence. That’s why they drew it inside the shrine. At one time, the idea of different timelines merging was so important to the people of Itomori that they created their own word for it. 君待つわれそ, Ne me demande pas qui suis-je To me, this means that the festival was always meant to serve as a warning of the second comet. Their grandmother takes over parenting. One thousand years of Itomori’s history is etched into our braided cords. Musubi – knotting. Profitez de millions d'applications Android récentes, de jeux, de titres musicaux, de films, de séries, de livres, de magazines, et plus encore. There have been not one, not two, but at least 3 impacts there. Ce serait une bonne idée, dans (...) », « Je pense aussi la même chose. Everybody keeps talking about how strange she was acting. Quand on parle des thèmes de Your Name, on pense principalement à l’échange de corps, à mieux connaître l’autre (Shinkai aurait dit en grand philosophe « Aimer quelqu’un c’est entrer dans sa peau »), on parle également du temps et de l’espace mais on oublie … 露に濡れつつ Tu as rêvé de ton ancienne vie", VOILA, il y a peut être des erreurs dûes à ma compréhension, rien d’exhaustif, peut être des choses qui vous semblaient évidentes, mais moi j’ai trouvé ça intéressant alors j’ai voulu le partager, Rectification, la grand mère s’appelle Hitoha 一葉 et on peut supposer que la mère de Mitsuha s’appelait 二葉. That’s time.”. Dans la catégorie Haches à deux mains. Essentially, you could become so enraptured with what all those elements represent on a rational level that we ignore the emotional core. And in that shrine, the Miyamizu women perform a ritual where they leave “half” of themselves to the gods by creating kuchikamizake—a rice-based alcohol that uses human saliva as a fermentation starter. Correction : 万 man signifie bien sûr 10 000 et pas 1000 comme précédemment indiqué. Early in Mitsuha and her sister Yotsuha’s childhood, their mother Futaba died. Avec Inland Sea, Kazuhiro Soda pointe sa caméra sur Ushimado, village qu’affectionnait l’immense Shohei Imamura qui y tourna Pluie noire et Dr Akagi. Because of this, the Underworld took something of equal importance; their memories of each other. Taki enlists help from Mitsuha’s friends to get everyone out of Itomori before the comet strikes. They knew that the land where the first comets struck was sacred, so they built a shrine there and housed all of their documented beliefs there as well. Explicate definition is - to give a detailed explanation of. He writes about the impact of art on his life and the world around us. So, we can imagine that they are together and that he adopted her last name. So the meaning of the festivals became unknown and only the form lived on. But the sensation that I’ve lost something lingers for a long time after I wake up. Mitsuha and Taki’s description of what they feel when those comets fall through the sky isn’t specific, or logical, or definite—it’s ambiguous, and cryptic, and enigmatic. » : quelques explications (dévoile l’intrigue) Voila quelques mots que je ne voulais pas écrire dans mon article sur le film dans lequel je me suis efforcé de ne quasiment rien dévoiler de l’intrigue. I assume the word was created because the Miyamizus once understood the importance of the spiritual connections they shared with others. Other things to think about. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works I think that’s a local dialect. She wishes to be a handsome Tokyo boy. Musubi – knotting. With all that in mind, I think that because the documents contained in the Miyamizu Shrine were destroyed by The Great Fire of Mayugoro, the knowledge of the phrase went with it. So while many people on the Internet have attempted to explain the coherence of the plot, I think it’s essential to also include the human elements of the story. After the passing of Mitsuha and Yotsuha’s mother, their father becomes detached from them and engrossed with politics. Ni aube ni crépuscule. Combien de temps vous reste-t-il ? During these opening moments of Your Name (Kimi no Na wa), we don’t realize Mitsuha is going to die. Can anyone explain me what happened to mitsuha when she was in taki body first time ? They twist, tangle, sometimes unravel, break, and then connect again. So the only communication is writing on each other’s phones when they switch. Immediately, Your Name opens with a cryptic, ambiguous scene—a trend that will continue throughout.Despite its charm, success, and visceral power, Your Name has a very convoluted story that’s difficult to grasp, that has left many wondering if it’s a mess of a movie that doesn’t work. It just so happens that the second comet strike occurs during the annual festival. This switch continues on random days for several weeks. Provide details and share your research! The fact it is a circle for a start ya know. crépuscule - Traduction anglaise de crépuscule depuis le français, d'après le dictionnaire Français-Anglais - Cambridge Dictonary He can sketch her hometown so well from memory that people recognize it as Itomori. My only question here is, is there any particular reason why Mitsuha’s time travel is 3 years to the future? I saw it for the first time not long after acid and just the whole look of it is similar especially and the circle place they meet. Mitsuha est une jeune lycéenne qui vit dans un village au milieu des montagnes. Could there also be a metaphor here for a separation from God/heaven, and the love shared between Earth and heaven? This occurs at twilight (aka tasogare-doki) when their worlds blur together. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. This re-establishes the body switching and allows Taki—who then inhabits Mitsuha’s body the day of the comet strike—to save Itomori. Anyways really wanna go visit some the locations if I ever get the chance to go to Japan. hi i think the event when mitsuha whishes being a boy is after she switch body for the first time. Simple theory, Musubi’s powers has expirations. Are some people caught in the loop of 5 and others the loop of 6. On pense souvent, à tort, que nous sommes capables de garder nos petits secrets. Lier les gens … 2. the act of explaining something in detail, especially a piece of writing or an idea: 2. the act…。了解更多。 Third, Kataware doki; and I will restate it here, THE COMET IS NOT MAGICAL, I’m sorry I can’t help it. CHRONIQUE. Lier les fils, cest Musubi. crépuscule nautique représente le temps du Soleil prend une passe de -6 ° à -12 ° sous l’horizon, dans cette période sont distingués ligne d’horizon et les étoiles principales. Editor’s Note: If you have more questions about Your Name, or if you have a theory of your own, hit me up in the comments section! “‘Tasokare’ means ‘who is that’ and is the origin of the word ‘tasogare-doki’. vient de battre des records au box-office japonais, allant jusqu’à chatouiller les mollets des plus grands succès du géant Ghibli, ce qui justifie sans nul doute la motivation supplémentaire pour rendre le film visible en Occident. Les Parisiens, peu préparés à une invasion ennemie, étaient gagnés par la contagion de la panique. It’s the first instance of Taki and Mitsuha trying to figure out who the other is. Which means their “knowledge” has continued to pass down through the traditions and rituals they perform. LIKE A LOT!!! Your credit report will list all of the name variations reported to Experian by your creditors, so your maiden name and both married names may appear. And that interaction the teacher shared with the student shows that tasogare-doki has carried different translations with it throughout time. 10 synonyms of clarification from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 26 related words, definitions, and antonyms. This gives the Miyamizu family’s mystical abilities an actual purpose. Also the sunset 6 o’clock… Look at the hands hmmmm. H 14:00     It is the Comet that comes every 1200 years. Voici donc le thread ayant pour It takes a lot of courage to invite someone into your life like that, and you only do it when you feel something special with that person. So while the Miyamizu women have continued to experience spiritual connections with other people, they’ve never known what the connections mean or how to act upon them (which is why they eventually just become “hazy memories”). Ju, @FortyJu sur Twitter a fait un excellent thread d’explication de la scène du crépuscule du film d’animation Your Name - Kimi no na wa Lire ma critique de Kimi no na wa - Your Name. So even when Taki gives Mitsuha back her red yarn thread and their memory of one another is severed…they never really forget one another, right? Et dans le film, kawatare est dialectisé en kataware. Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves is a collection of poems from their ancestors. Also I think that switch during the day when Grandma, Yotsuha and Taki (within Mitsuha) went to the shrine was intentional cuz if ever his will to fill that missing piece of him is strong he knows where to look. Even the most destitute people, those living on the streets, do have one thing to cherish– their identity. Schwanengesang—Vierzehn Lieder von Franz Schubert is a triumph of the transcriber’s art, which matches in its way the depth and breadth of this wonderful collection of Schubert’s last songs. You start to focus on plot details, like how the Red String of Fate functions, or how Mitsuha’s and Taki’s realities could possibly intersect when they live three years apart, or how drinking kuchikamizake connects the two teenagers. J’attends mon bien aimé, ce 誰そ彼, a donc la signification de "qui es-tu", et du crépuscule, car dans l’ancien temps, le crépuscule était considéré comme l’heure où le vivant et non vivant se rencontraient, mais ne pouvaient pas se distinguer l’un de l’autre. The movie is not about two people finding out each other’s names—it’s about truly understanding someone else. It totally seems to be the same one comment that fragmented when it passed by earth 1,200 years ago, and again in 2013. So the Taki and mitsuhaya we saw in the ending(stair scene) is the Taki and mitsuhaya of 2013 . Les Fleurs du mal (French pronunciation: [le flœʁ dy mal]; English: The Flowers of Evil) is a volume of French poetry by Charles Baudelaire.First published in 1857 (see 1857 in poetry), it was important in the symbolist and modernist movements. See more. But because Taki gave Mitsuha back her red yarn, they forget one another. These spiritual connections existed for generations so that, eventually, someone would be able to alert the Miyamizus about the second incoming comet (or at least some sort of future danger). I assume ur theory then I think if it’s timeline changed then he didn’t go to itomori Village….. Just very interesting how me and the current girl I’m seeing are born on these dates. I originally watched this in a theater in Tokyo without any English subtitles, and I just got around to watching it with English, so it is really nice to see a decent attempt to explain the contents. My first instinct was that “かたわれ” (kataware) might be interpreted as 方 (kata – person) 割れ (ware – split). Taki forgot Mitsuha because in the cave – the grandmother said “In exchange for returning to this world, you must leave behind what is most important to you.” At that moment in time, Mitsuha is what matters most to Tak and vice versa. Soon, everybody there will die. Japanese language is truly amazing. Mitsuha and Yotsuha perform a ritual and create kuchikamizake, which they offer to their god at a shrine. I agree! Twilight, when it’s neither day nor night. 1) yeah, as someone noted: the wish to be a boy in her next life comes after the ritual. Just like there is a link between the lake and the shrine, there is an unbreakable bond shared between two young people in love. Cette période était donc propice à demander "qui es tu ?". ylg is a fanfiction author that has written 1,053 stories for RG Veda, Rose of Versailles, Sailor Moon, Wish, X-Men, Card Captor Sakura, Misc. The first comet created the shrine that the Miyamizu family uses to pray to their gods. And I think that Taki’s passion for finding someone he shared such an intense bond with represents how that kind of love can transcend time and space. Relevant!! A Genma     You and the author of this page both missed an important point. Another tell from the poem on the blackboard. The Comet and its tail appear as a braided cord. But I PROMISE: all of the details are there. Does anyone know why. Ce forum est modéré a priori : votre contribution n’apparaîtra qu’après avoir été validée par un administrateur du site. So even if Toshiki was Futaba’s spiritual connection, the fact that he abandons Miyamizu traditions keeps him from re-establishing his connection with her—unlike Taki, who visits the Miyamizu Shrine and retains his connection with Mitsuha even after she dies. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Les regards finissent par se croiser. According you saying the timeline changes…. They were literally switching bodies, and as the movie description states, it’s a fantasy animation that incorporates science fiction — which gives the idea of time travel.

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