On the day of the crash — June 7, 2007 — a rider charging along the mountain course clipped a pole at high speed and was killed instantly. But he stopped racing a year later after a horrific crash of his own. But the best bit’s the orgasm, isn’t it? Le Tourist Trophy de l’île de Man se déroule sur une semaine au début du mois de juin. Quayle, a bespectacled, eminently excitable 44-year-old Manxman nicknamed Milky, knows every bump and divot on the road. L'ordre de départ du prochain Tourist Trophy vient d'être publié : cette année, McGuinness cède sa traditionnelle plaque de "Number One" à Johnson et sa Norton. Einem elften Rang in der Klasse Superbike folgte der zehnte Platz bei den Superstockern. Each time, though, she found herself following the results and gossip online. It is also why, for two weeks each year, this sleepy rock in the middle of the Irish Sea (population 88,000) becomes something like a rollicking festival ground. Natürlich war das Glück dabei auf seiner Seite. The turn appears early in a rider’s lap, so neither they nor their bikes are properly warmed up. Yet many of the world’s best professionals have never put tire to pavement on the course. On it are the words, “Rest in Peace Bob.”. He was 22 years old and engaged to be married. Repose en paix Daley, tu nous manqueras. Tourist Trophy races, best known and most demanding of the European motorcycle races. She and her husband moved to the Isle of Man in 2006, only a year before the accident. “You think you know everything, but you can always ride harder and harder and get faster and faster,” Dunlop said. Four competitors died in the races last year, and another was killed the year before that. In 2015, James Hillier hit 206 miles per hour along this stretch. Tourist Trophy 2019: Paton Regina dell’isola! The Birchalls’ motorsport addiction began when they were kids. Mit Mugen beteiligt sich nur eine ernstzunehmende Firma am Rennen der emissionslosen Klasse, die ohnedies bei den Puristen unter den Motorsportfans keinen Anklang findet. ​Es besteht kein Zweifel: Noch vor wenigen Jahren hätte Romain Grosjean bei einem Unfall wie am 29. Musson finished 15th, one place behind her husband. Note: Planning for the Audi Club North America 34th National Event in Tacoma, WA ongoing and so is the next Tourist Trophy of America (TTOA 2018). Davey Lambert, a 48-year-old man from Gateshead, England, died this week after crashing at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, an annual motorcycle event here that claimed two more lives on Wednesday. Christie said that the Creg does about a third of its yearly business during the annual race weeks. La première course, la Superbike 1000 commence le samedi à midi et … The third year, she stayed, and though it was tough, she enjoyed it, too. billcho. He died in 2004, after losing his grip on a practice lap near the ninth milepost. The Mountain Course features several hundred distinct turns, but according to Quayle, Ballagarey Corner — or as he calls it, “Balla-scary” — is its most crucial. Ferrari 458 Italia. The Isle of Man TT Races. Filmed from above, he appears surging through Verandah, a wavy, four-turn passage on the mountain, at 150 miles an hour. “If Roger Federer misses a shot, he loses a point,” said Richard Quayle, a former TT winner. Yes. Tourist Trophy 2017, risultati, classifiche e foto: il terzo giorno di gare si apre con la Superstock in cui trionfa ancora Hutchinson. Even within the motorsports community, sidecar racers are considered a peculiar breed. When he did, his brother Tom, 10 years his junior, became his first passenger. She bought it more than 20 years ago. Just inside her front door sits a motorcycle, a glistening Aprilia RS250. Nach der frühen Absage der Tourist Trophy 2021 hofft Julian Trummer, dass die Straßenrennen in Nordirland wie geplant durchgeführt werden können. Conor Cummins lost control here in 2010; video of the spectacular crash has been viewed millions of times online. Was wird von der diesjährigen Veranstaltung in den Köpfen der tausenden Straßenrennsportfans bleiben? Der Nordire entschloss sich am Beginn der Saison zum Umstieg von der ausgereiften BMW S1000RR auf die unerprobte Suzuki GSX-R1000 und was nicht einmal seine eingefleischtesten Anhänger für möglich hielten, setzte Dunlop in die Tat um, er gewann mit der Senior-TT das wichtigste Rennen der Tourist Trophy und bescherte Suzuki den ersten TT-Sieg seit 2008. Er hatte mehr Glück als sein Teamkollege, trotzdem zog er es vor, bei der Senior-TT nicht an den Start zu gehen. Musson knew the risks. Als ersten nicht britischen Fahrer gelang es ihm, die prestigeträchtige «TT Privateers Championship» zu gewinnen – ein wahrhaft historischer Moment für den Kawasaki-Piloten. For two years after his death, Christine Cowley left the island during the races, trying to shelter herself from the memories. “I still find it difficult to accept it, even now, because it wasn’t my fault,” said Musson, who still volunteers at the races. Eine der positivsten Überraschungen war wohl Peter Hickman. Le Tourist Trophy ("TT" pour les initiés) c'est le moto gp Mannois et elle est la course de motos la plus ancienne du monde, puisque l’édition 2007 fête son centenaire. 390 lb. Put the brake on. Je suis à la fois heureux mais triste. 14/11 Les dates des différentes courses à Oliver's Mount dans page 01 Infos Road Races 2020/2021 N°2 In 2010, Guy Martin, a popular English rider, rammed his Honda CBR1000RR into the stone wall there, creating a terrifyingly cinematic explosion. The event was organised by the Auto-Cycle Club over 10 laps of the Isle of Man St John's Short Course of 15 miles 1,470 yards for road-legal 'touring' motorcycles with exhaust silencers, saddles, pedals and mudguards. “They will push it. Horst Saiger gelingt Historisches bei der TT 2017, Michael Dunlop beschert Suzuki Senior-TT-Sieg, Guy Martin (Honda): Kein Start bei der Senior-TT, TT Zero: Klare Angelegenheit für Bruce Anstey (Mugen). Romain Grosjean (Haas): Seine fünf Schutzengel. The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is the greatest motorcycle road race in the world, the ultimate challenge for rider and machine. “Is sadistic the word? SC-Project Paton Reparto Corse all’esordio nel Mondiale Endurance EWC per la 24 ore di Le Mans; TT 2018 Gara: Dunlop trionfa, Rutter 3° e Bonetti 4° TT 2018 Qualifica: Dunlop al top, Bonetti 3° TT 2018: Bonetti velocissimo nella seconda giornata di … “Your brain has a natural instinct to be careful, to protect you, to preserve you,” said Quayle, who coaches newcomers every year as a rider liaison. 31 mai 2017 Hutchinson ouvre les hostilités aux 1er essais qualificatifs du TT 2017. They began to laugh, which felt strange. In 2002, he became one of only three people from the island to win a TT. But the TT survived, and for that many thank Paul Phillips, 38, whom many simply know as “the boss of the TT.” In 2006, Phillips left a job in finance, taking a significant pay cut, to accept a government position as the Motorsport Development Manager for the Isle of Man and the difficult task of resuscitating the island’s beloved races. “He was shouting for me, and I was shouting for him, as we were both spread across the road,” Tom Birchall said, laughing. Neueste Motorsport-Produkte bei Speedweek. Superstock-TT: Hutchinson gewinnt, Saiger wird 10.! She remembers feeling bewildered when her husband, John, informed her that six weeks had passed since she had opened her eyes. The official website for Isle of Man TT news, events and updates. They know that the consequences of even a minor mistake can be fatal. “There are a lot of accidents during the races, but not a lot involving spectators, marshals, members of the public,” said Musson, now 70, taking a deep breath as she sat in her dining room. It all culminates with the Senior TT, which takes place this Friday, a public holiday on the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man TT is the ultimate 'must see it' event for motorsport fans across the globe. But here, when you’re riding around here, you’re getting that orgasm all the time.”. The British Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy Celebration is a race for closed-cockpit GT cars in the spirit of the RAC TT races of 1960-1964. “We all love it. In 2014, a rider named Bob Price died after he lost control going over the humpback bridge and careened directly into the side of the Raven Pub, a popular establishment just beyond it. And it is a blind corner, which activates defensive reflexes in even the most seasoned riders. The first Isle of Man TT race was held on Tuesday 28 May 1907 and was called the International Auto-Cycle Tourist Trophy. Bei den Seitenwagen sind Ben und Tom Birchall mit ihrer LCR Honda momentan das Maß aller Dinge, nicht einmal der Lokalmatador Dave Molyneux, mit 17 Siegen der erfolgreichste Dreiradpilot in der 110-jährigen Geschichte der Tourist Trophy, konnte ihnen gefährlich werden. Hilary Musson remembers getting dressed and riding her motorcycle up the mountain to the 26th milestone, where she was posted as a race marshal one day a decade ago. As he leans into a rightward curve, he loses control and his motorcycle slides out from under him, leaving him skimming on his back, as if the pavement were a sheet of ice. 1er juin 2017 La pluie interrompt la 2e séance d’essais du Tourist Trophy. Michael Dunlop mit der wichtigsten Trophäe der Tourist Trophy, Ian Hutchinson siegte zweimal und brach sich bei einem Sturz den Oberschenkel, Peter Hickman zeigte, dass er ein künftiger TT-Sieger ist, Michael Rutter erlebte einen zweiten Frühling, Ben und Tom Birchall waren eine Klasse für sich. Auch Guy Martin versagte die Technik. Die Zero TT kommt und kommt nicht wirklich in die Gänge. The Isle of Man TT is the ultimate 'must see it' event for motorsport fans across the globe. “Joey Dunlop, they reckon if you put a sixpence on the bloody road on a corner he would ride over it every time, because of his memory and because his ability to be in exactly the right gear, pointing in the right direction, was the same every lap he went on.”. Semaine du 9 au 15 novembre 2020 . Share this page with: Series Manager: Marty. This series will be raced in the first half of 2017 (H1). “It’s a bit like a drug,” Tom Birchall said about riding in a sidecar. Every year, there are crashes. Tourist Trophy 2017 : C’est parti ! It is a 498cc SOHC single cylinder with a 5 speed transmission at approx. Michael Dunlop famously competed in a race only two days after his father’s death in 2008 — and won. And there’s a percentage of people who like that drama. Noch nie war der mit einer Schweizerin verheiratete Steirer so stark wie in diesem Jahr. This was not always the case. In 1978, after years of competing in local races, Musson became the second woman to compete in the TT, ending a de facto 16-year ban on female participants. The event date (Aug.29) is sufficiently far in the future and given what we see in terms of China coping and now starting to recover, COVID-19, the biggest unknown seems to be the US handles its outbreak, and what impacts trend north of the border. After the funeral at Douglas Borough Crematorium — located, rather ominously, a few hundred feet from the finish line — Christine Cowley walked out to Quarterbridge Road, the spot where she and Paul had used to watch the races with their father. Is the Tourist Trophy still a go? It takes a special sort of madness, competitors say, to put your life so fully in the guardianship of another racer. Dossier spécial MNC: Tourist Trophy 2019; MNC du 4 juin 2019 : Daley Mathison trouve la mort au Tourist Trophy "Sentiments partagés aujourd'hui", regrettait hier soir Peter Hickman. Guy Martin’s bike exploded during a crash in 2010. They serve as ballast for their motorcycles, sliding one way, arching their bodies another way, depending on feel and intuition and memory to move their weight around to aid their drivers. For the next 30 years, the event grew stagnant and stumbled along, until many came to believe that the centenary races, in 2007, would be the final ones. Turn the throttle off.”. Wenn man einmal von seinen drei Siegen in der beim Publikum nicht sonderlich geliebten TT Zero absieht, musste er nach seinem Triumph in der Junior-TT 1998 lange auf einen weiteren Erfolg warten. Tout au long de la semaine, différents types de courses qui alignent des catégories diverses de moto s’enchaînent. For this reason, and others, the TT has few parallels within global sports. Auch Ian Hutchinson – sein Sturz, bei dem er eine Oberschenkelfraktur erlitt, führte zum Abbruch der Senior-TT – Lee Johnston, Danny Webb, Joe Akroyd und Tom Weeden zogen sich bei ihren Unfällen schwere Verletzungen zu. Last year, Dunlop set a single lap record, at 16 minutes 53.929 seconds, averaging a blistering 133.962 miles an hour. And yeah, it was a spectacular crash. Becoming a sidecar passenger, though, was another story — an easier, if crazier, way to get into the game. The race days begin here, swelling with human drama and competitive intrigue and the thrill of possibility. If you want to follow or even join in on this cross country run, join the Facebook event page, TTOA 2018 by Audi Club North America: “The Run to Rainier”. Organizers convert 37.73 miles of undulating public roads into an enormous, claw-shaped racetrack, and roughly 40,000 visitors, many of them bringing their own motorcycles, join local fans for a week of practices and a week of competition. Riders arrive at high speed and exit onto a mouthwatering two-mile straight, meaning precious seconds are at stake. It puts the island on the map. “If I had a pound for every time that was watched, I think I’d be a wealthy person,” said Cummins, 30, an Isle of Man native with four podium finishes at the TT. The grandstand area represents the TT’s main hive, brimming with energy and anticipation. Those fatalities brought the death toll at the event, known as the TT, to 146 since it was first run in 1907. It has both an electric push start and a kick start. “I love everything it represents.”, Deaths grouped by approximate crash locations and include only Isle of Man TT races, Produced by Gray Beltran, Neil Collier, Gayatri Kaul, Kaylee King-Balentine, Sam Manchester, Joe Ward and Jeremy White. It gives the race its prestige, opens it to criticism, makes it exhilarating, makes it terrifying. But soar too high or too far, and the landing can be deadly. In 1976, after a string of high-profile deaths and ensuing criticism, the TT lost its world championship status. “I felt, then, and I still feel now, that it’s a public service, really,” he said of his job. With unrivaled physics and graphics, the developers of the best-selling "Gran Turismo" franchise have captured the fluid movement of man and machine, featuring perfected handling and rider Experience the true essence of motorcycle racing in Tourist Trophy, the real riding simulator. Tourist Trophy 2019: Paton Regina dell’isola! TT-Sieg. Bitte melden Sie sich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. The Tourist Trophy is the oldest motor race in the world still being run. Summary: Experience the true essence of motorcycle racing in Tourist Trophy, the real riding simulator. When Musson awoke later that summer, she was told she had sustained fractures to her ribs, vertebrae and legs, a burst spleen and a severed femoral artery. Es waren vor allem fünf Faktoren, die ihn gerettet haben. I can’t lie about that.”. First run in 1907 on the Isle of Man off the northwestern coast of England, the race attracted many riders from all over England and the European continent. The GB500 TT derives its name from “Great Britain, 500cc and from the Tourist Trophy” a classic 37-mile motorcycle circuit on the Isle of Man. Two spectators were killed, and two marshals, including Musson, were badly injured. Czech Tourist Trophy Horice 2017. As you see in the pictures above, it's near impossible to clear the bridge without catching some air. With nothing to stop his momentum, he clips the edge of the road and spills off the course, tumbling violently down a steep hillside. Ian Hutchinson, left, and Michael Dunlop are the favorites in this year’s race. Le mercredi 7, Alan Bonner, un pilote irlandais de 33 ans, est sorti de la route dans un virage pour s'écraser mortellement dans … “I’m sure they have mutual respect, but they don’t particularly like each other,” said John Watterson, the sports editor for Isle of Man Newspapers. The vest she was wearing that morning, which she has kept to this day, has a tire print across the back. November 2020 sein Leben verloren. “I’ve always said I’d get on a bike again, but longer I leave it, the more difficult it’s getting.”. La organización del Tourist Trophy quiso comenzar con la emoción previa al evento, a una de las carreras más peligrosas del mundo en dos ruedas, el Tourist Trophy 2017 publicando el trailer de la próxima temporada. Le Tourist Trophy de l'île de Man est une course de moto qui se déroule sur les routes de l'île de Man pendant la première semaine du mois de juin. The hairpin, a walking-speed turn heading up to the mountain. The race, she realized, was part of her DNA. In addition to a lively party, the pub offers a stirring view. Ohne den Rennabbruch wäre er im geschlagenen Feld gelandet. Le Tourist Trophy de de l'île de Man continue d'aligner les accidents graves et l'édition 2017 vient de connaître son troisième accident mortel. The next thing she remembers is waking up in a hospital bed. Paul Cowley was a sidecar passenger, like his dad. "Les motos et l'équipe ont été supers comme toujours. Die Tourist Trophy 2017 ist Geschichte. James Cowton a eu la frayeur de sa vie à l’occasion de la course Superstock du Tourist Trophy, lundi 6 juin 2016. Der Brite deutete mit seinem Sieg beim North West 200 an, dass mit ihm auch bei der TT zu rechnen sein wird. SC-Project Paton Reparto Corse all’esordio nel Mondiale Endurance EWC per la 24 ore di Le Mans; TT 2018 Gara: Dunlop trionfa, Rutter 3° e Bonetti 4° TT 2018 Qualifica: Dunlop al top, Bonetti 3° TT 2018: Bonetti velocissimo nella seconda giornata di … 1 : La RST Superbike TT race : 6 tours. Der Brite Davey Lambert, der Niederländer Jochem van den Hoek und der Ire Alan Bonner überlebten ihre Stürze nicht. and then rush into a straight that some riders consider the fastest on the course. Today, there is a wooden plaque, only a few inches long, on the brick wall of the pub. The two have since become one of the world’s top teams, winning the sidecar world championship in 2009 and notching five TT wins. “Drivers always need passengers,” Birchall, 40, said with a chuckle. Das britische Brüderpaar beherrschte beide Rennen und stellte außerdem einen neuen Rundenrekord auf, der jetzt bei 19:19,746 (Schnitt 188,484 km/h) steht. Last fall, the government reported that more than 42,000 people, from more than 40 countries, visited the island during the 2016 TT. Years ago, there was an actual sheep gate here. Tatsächlich gewann der 47-jährige Kawasaki-Fahrer die Lightweight-TT. “Now, all of our marketing is about: ‘This is the most dangerous race in the world. Auch die beiden Siege von Ian Hutchinson in den Rennen der Klassen Superbike und Superstock gehören zweifellos zu den herausragenden Leistungen. Both McDonnell and the horse died, and McDonnell’s bike exploded into a ball of flames after crashing into a row of parked cars. That the two men finished last year’s competition engaged in a war of words had only heightened the anticipation for their showdown this year. Pourquoi partir au Tourist Trophy avec West Euro Bikes : – Notre séjour est calé pour que les participants assistent à la totalité des courses de la semaine en arrivant le vendredi soir sur l’île de Man. Mit dem neuen Modell der CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2 kam man trotz aller Bemühungen auf keinen grünen Zweig. He had told family members where he wanted his ashes spread if he were to die racing. “John keeps trying to get me to sell it, but I just like to see it there,” she said. She remembers looking down at her left leg and she remembers it not being there. Am ehesten wirkt wohl der grandiose Sieg von Michael Dunlop in der Senior-TT nach. Die Tourist Trophy 2017 ist Geschichte. 17 mars 2020 The most horrific moment of Cummins’s life endures as a viral video. Der Brite, dem 2014 mit einer Zeit von 17:32,078 ein neuer Newcomer-Rekord gelang, der bis heute unangetastet blieb, stürmte in allen Rennen, bei denen er an den Start ging, aufs Siegertreppchen. But he’s a hell of a rider.”. Schon beim North West 200 stürzte John McGuinness wegen eines technischen Defekts und zog sich schwere Verletzungen. She and her mother awkwardly scooped his ashes with the cap of a medicine bottle. From her living room, she can hear the motorcycles roaring down the Sulby Straight, one of the fastest stretches of the course. From Laurel Bank to Glen Hellen, sunlight through the overhanging branches has a strobe effect on the road, making it difficult to see and perceive the course. His body bounces off the ground, twirls in the air like a can tossed from a speeding car and crash-lands, finally, amid a hail of splintered motorcycle parts hundreds of feet from the spot where he lost control. Take a Lap in the World’s Most Dangerous Race (Published 2017) It’s a cliché, isn’t it? The ashes of Christine Cowley’s brother Paul were heavier than she expected — more like coarse sand than, say, the ash from a burning cigarette. Der Brite hat es damit auf 16 Siege bei der Tourist Trophy gebracht und liegt in der Bestenliste nun hinter dem unvergessenen Joey Dunlop (26), dem nach seinem Sturz beim NW200 zum Zusehen verurteilten John McGuinness (23) und Dave Molyneux (17) an der vierten Stelle. Michael Dunlop schließt mit Sieg zu Mike Hailwood auf, Alan Bonner (33) stirbt bei Trainingsunfall, Davey Lambert (Kawasaki) erliegt seinen Verletzungen, Michael Dunlop: «Wir haben das Unmögliche geschafft!», Senior-TT: Ian Hutchinson bricht sich Oberschenkel, Ben und Tom Birchall gewinnen auch zweites Rennen, Lightweight-TT: Fünfter TT-Sieg für Michael Rutter, Birchall/Birchall (LCR) siegen mit neuem Rundenrekord, Superbike-TT: Hutchinson siegt, Dunlop fällt aus, Jochem van den Hoek: TT fordert zweites Todesopfer, Tourist Trophy 2020 - Tipps & Tricks für Rennstrecke und Strasse von Horst Saiger. NYTimes.com no longer supports Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. “I still feel it was a bit cruel, I’d say.”. He still marvels at the absurdity of the course — the roads lined with stone walls, mailboxes, telephone poles and storefronts, the way claustrophobic forest roads swiftly transition into wide-open mountain passages — and it is clear he misses it. The incident left thick scars snarled around his skin and a traumatic memory etched into his mind. Hutchinson, 37, of West Yorkshire, England, won the Superbike race on Sunday, improving his TT win total to 15. TT 2017: in Stock vince Hutchy, ma a fine gara il doppio dramma. Sidecar passengers sit crouched on a platform with nothing to secure them except two handgrips. “He’s a maverick,” said Moore, the radio commentator. Czech Tourist Trophy Horice 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT - Kawa i Samochody 2017. Auf seiner BMW S1000RR wurde er in den Klassen Superbike und Superstock sowie bei der Senior-TT Zweiter, das Supersport-Rennen und die Lightweight-TT beendete er an der dritten Stelle. In 2014, a rider named Bob Price died after he lost control going over the humpback Ballaugh Bridge and careened directly into the side of the Raven Pub. Lamborghini Huracán Performante - Kawa i Samochody Warszawa 16.09.2017 . (Schools are closed for the entire race week.). But it’s the closest thing I could imagine it to.”. The TT field has grown ever more competitive over the last decade, but at the moment two riders stand apart from the rest: Ian Hutchinson, who won three races last year, and Michael Dunlop, who captured two. Der beste Motorsport im Netz: Tourist Trophy. “If I miss an apex, I lose my life.”. I hope they don’t hurt themselves doing it.”. Every May and June the Isle of Man, a tiny country between England and Ireland, turns into motorcycle nirvana as the world’s greatest road racers gather to test themselves against the incredible ‘Mountain Course’ - a 37.73 mile beast of a course carved out of the island’s public roads. Tourist Trophy 2017 : La nouvelle Honda Fireblade confiée à Dan Hegarty. It’s like sex, Quayle said. His baby girl, Shauna, was born four months after his funeral. But something like that is drama, isn’t it? She never thought she would be hurt years after she stopped competing. Tourist Trophy Horice 2017… … They said it was easy not to let brotherly love get in the way of aggressive racing, but when they crashed at Black Dub three years ago, their fraternal instincts emerged again, each one thinking first about the safety of the other. “Before my tenure here, there was an underlying there’s-nothing-to-see-here kind of mentality, and to the wider world, to me, it felt like we came across as a group as kind of bloodthirsty and ignorant,” Phillips said. Tourist Trophy 2017 : tout sur le circuit (longueur, caractéristiques…) Depuis 1911, c’est sur le Snaeffell Mountain Course que se dispute le Tourist Trophy. Back in the 1960s and 70s, tourists packed the Isle of Man’s hotels and restaurants and shops, and for a few weeks each year, the island feels like its old self. “You just keep chasing it. At the same time, they marketed risk alongside skill. Der Österreicher Horst Saiger schrieb bei der Tourist Trophy 2017 ein besonderes Kapitel. Tourist Trophy 2020. Please upgrade your browser. Every May and June the Isle of Man, a tiny country between England and Ireland, turns into motorcycle nirvana as the world’s greatest road racers gather to test themselves against the incredible ‘Mountain Course’ Photographs by Getty Images and National Motor Museum. words: Bud Dannemiller, photos: Bud Dannemiller and George Achorn. Das schlechte Wetter mit teilweise sintflutartigen Niederschlägen und starken Windböen, die sogar einzelne Hütten der Streckenposten auf die Strecke wehten und Bäume zum Umstürzen brachte, stellten Rennleiter Gary Thompson immer wieder vor schwere Entscheidungen, die er aber auf souveräne Weise traf. The big grandstand and the gigantic, hand-operated scoreboard across the street are permanent, year-round fixtures on the course. Almost every year, there are deaths. Was wird von der diesjährigen Veranstaltung in den Köpfen der tausenden Straßenrennsportfans bleiben?

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