I do believe Mother Gothel loved Rapunzel . She allowed Rapunzel to read books that came from the outside world, do ballet, puzzles, chess, darts, play guitar, knitting, candlemaking, and even PAINTING ON THE WALLS!! Dame Gothel is described as an evil witch who lives in a walled garden beside a lonely couple whose window looks over the garden. I honestly feel she definitely deserves a spot on the classic Disney villains list. So anyways, I was thinking a lot about Tangled recently (mostly because there are SO many posts about Tangled popping up on DA) so I decided to jump aboard the hype train with my own personal blog. Follow/Fav Did You Ever Love Me, Mother? The official 'Tangled Junior Novel' (issued by Disney Press) specifically recounts how Mother Gothel learned the "Healing Incantation": One day, an old woman named Mother Gothel was singing softly to herself during one of her walks along a craggy hillside. Gothel presents herself with a theatrical flair, often flaunting her beauty and curvaceous appearance with much enthusiasm and dramatics. The Tower was the childhood home of Rapunzel, the place where Mother Gothel had raised her as her own daughter for eighteen long years, and where she and Flynn Rider had first met. Honestly, I think she did. Follow/Fav Did You Ever Love Me, Mother? The character is voiced by actress and singer Donna Murphy in her voice acting debut; Murphy auditioned for the role spontaneously upon learning from her agent that Disney was auditioning actresses for the film's villainous role. Gothel does everything for her “daughter”. I guess it’s true that love really does vanquish the evil side, no matter what kind of love that it is. In the Tangled movie, Mother Gothel - naturally - doesn't let Rapunzel out of the tower, for fear of losing her "flower".. In this one, I will try to explain why I believe that despite what most people may think, Mother Gothel is indeed capable of feeling love. I think she came to love her, but she loved her hair WAY more. Even though Rapunzel was taken as a baby, Gothel could have chosen not to take care of her but she still did and Rapunzel turned out amazing, beautiful, strong, and one of the most beloved Disney Princesses ever. Or was it just her being a very WICKED manipulator? Gothel definitely falls on the more nuanced end of that spectrum. (If you have a mentally ill parent or a friend with a mentally ill parent, you’ll likely notice a lot of parallels.) I’m always secretly pleased when Tangled is pick of the day and not just because of the dreamboat male lead . Mother Gothel is the main antagonist of Disney's 2010 animated feature film, Tangled. SUBSCRIBE: http://tinyurl.com/hfq9jmvIsaac unveils Mother Gothel’s full story and discuss whether she truly cares about her fake daughter Rapunzel. The first written version of the Rapunzel story was written in the year 1600 by a writer named Giambattista Basile, from Italy. Gothel did not love Rapunzel. She is the main antagonist of Disney's 50th full-length animated feature film Tangled (which is based on the 1812 German fairytale Rapunzel by Brothers Grimm) and a posthumous antagonist in Tangled: The Series and its comic book series. Here's why it feels timelier than ever as COVID restrictions are reimposed. (Btw, this is just my opinion. 60 fans picked: A little bit, but it's mostly her vanity and the hair's power 48%: No, she only loved herself and the hair's power 45%: Yes, although she did it initally for vanity, she does have love for Rapunzel. My answer is this: So this is basically going to be a blog proving my point mostly because the evidence I found was just TOO GOOD. It was all part of Mother Gothel's plan to convince Rapunzel that Eugene didn't love her though. ( Log Out /  5. A question that if answered correctly could save her life. And when Rapunzel asks for new paint, which takes 3 days to journey to the place to get them mind you, Gothel agrees and actually goes out to fetch them for her!! It helps that Donna Murphy’s vocal performance is superb – sweetness and light one moment, dripping with sarcasm the next: Rapunzel: How did you find me? Donna Murphy believed that Gothel did really love Rapunzel in her own way. Despite being older than the kingdom, Mother Gothel proves to be quite immature and entitled. When Mother Gothel tracked her and asked her to come back to the tower with her, she did. When it comes to her relationship with Rapunzel, Gothel is practically a textbook case of an emotional abuser. Rapunzel's hair was not cut and Gothel was taken prisoner. The prince does not see her, think she’s beautiful, and marries her on the spot. Never saw a blog i was so agreeing with ! Welcome to Disney Amino, where Disney fans can unite and where dreams come true! It’s hard to imagine raising someone and not growing to care about them. Mother Gothel is mysterious, manipulative and a heinous villain. The Queen’s daughter, Rapunzel, then inherited the magical powers of the flower. Even though Rapunzel was taken as a baby, Gothel could have chosen not to take care of her but she still did and Rapunzel turned out amazing, beautiful, strong, and one of the most beloved Disney Princesses ever. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. The world is dark and selfish and cruel. But, for the majority of the time that Rapunzel spent in the tower (disregarding what happened at the end of Tangled, where Gothel kinda goes, it can be argued, insane out of desperation), Gothel tried (or at least kept a pretense of trying) to keep Rapunzel happy. Anyways, let’s find out if it’s true or not!! Rapunzel's Parents as God. Like what kind of mother let’s their daughter decorate the inside walls with their own unique painting style? Even though what Rapunzel was saying to Gothel to sneak out of the tower, Gothel still tried to make her birthday a special day for her. Did mother Gothel actually love Rapunzel? Conclusion. You don't get that closure, which is so realistic. I can say that Mother Gothel had an emotional "attachment" to Rapunzel. No, the prince and Rapunzel had to work and suffer for their love. Gothel’s own experiences of the world appear to have left her jaded and resentful “The world is dark, and selfish, and cruel. Fellow Tangled fans, what do you think about the character of Gothel? The man begs for mercy, and she agrees to be l… 1 Answer. Gothel also mistreats Rapunzel's animals. Gothel raised Rapunzel to be the kind and adventurous girl she is today. He's never told me otherwise. Every affectionate gesture is to Rapunzel’s hair, every compliment is immediately taken back, every bad thing she does is deflected to be Rapunzel’s fault. By: AsLostAsAliceAsMadAsTheHatter. She was eventually proven to have been the biological mother of Cassandra, whom she abandoned for the powerful healing magics in the newborn princess' hair to sustain her youth and beauty for centuries on end. Although she did steal Rapunzel, she also raised her. Sure she doesn’t really let Rapunzel to go outside to see the stars that have been her dream, but she does try to make up for crushing her dreams in any way that she can. I think, on some degree, she was still a good mother to her, raising Rapunzel up to be the beloved girl everyone knows and loved. Gothel is willing to take a three day trip to procure a special type of paint made of white shells for Rapunzel’s birthday. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Even when she left the tower, she had every intention of going back. The Tangled team decided to upend the traditional Brothers Grimm story by making Rapunzel’s love interest a thief, rather than a prince. I know she only kidnapped her for her hair, but they did spend 18 years together. The studio had lost its identity in the years since its 1990s renaissance, churning out generic computer-animated fare like Chicken Little and Meet The Robinsons. 2. [Rapunzel shoves past Gothel in disgust] ... And this guy, well he eventually found true love. Upon learning that the romance between Rapunzel and this guy could ruin his plans, which consisted of promoting a war between the kingdom of Rapunzel's father and the kingdom of the prince, Gothel demanded that Rapunzel speak the boy's name, which the princess really did not knew. Change ), There is the undeniable fact that Rapunzel has been. By: AsLostAsAliceAsMadAsTheHatter. Mother Gothel Mother Gothel. So who did? ( Log Out /  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I think that over the years, Gothel believed that she almost deserved to use the power of Rapunzel’s hair in exchange for the way she had cared for the princess e.g. It tastes so good that she longs for m… I mean, I guess it was Rapunzel’s dream to look at the stars for her birthday and Mother Gothel didn’t do that because... well obviously. She kidnaps Rapunzel and hoards the princess away to keep access to the magical youth restoring power of Rapunzel's hair. She loves to see herself in the mirror, reveling in her beauty. She makes sure Rapunzel has a happy birthday. The world is dark and selfish and cruel. Evidence to suggest that Gothel did in fact love Rapunzel – There is the undeniable fact that Rapunzel has been nurtured to some Did she turn to dust?\r \r Kids. And that is why I believe Rapunzel is a tale of true true love. That makes it sound like Eugene did cut her hair after being healed.Which would not have saved Rapunzel from Gothel. Gothel could have come to love this child. But Gothel let her own selfish desires leech away any love she may have had. This ties into the fact that she is a phenomenal actress, dangerous manipulator, and is very intelligent, while it also indicates that in her actual life-time before discovering the flower, she was indeed an actual stage actress and performer before she retired to due to her aging. Rapunzel is one of the heroines, the wife of Eugene Fitzherbert and mother of Ruby. Her garden is described as the envy of all others, constantly healthy with many vegetables and flowers in perfect bloom. Rapunzel grew up being abused by Gothel, who mistreated her a lot and made her a maid, in addition to stimulating her pet, the wicked Otto, to try to eat Rapunzel's pet rabbit. Mother also did nice things for her, like making her favorite hazelnut soup and going on a 3 day journey to get the shells she wanted. ( Log Out /  She was just living her life looking L’oreal fresh until the flower was harvested to heal the sick and pregnant Queen of Corona. Not to mention, Rapunzel being caring, kind, fun, adventurous, trusting, talented, carefree, and more couldn’t have come from nowhere!! SUBSCRIBE: http://tinyurl.com/hfq9jmv Isaac theorizes on how Mother Gothel hid her tower and Rapunzel from the kingdom of Corona. This is just to show you all what I think). In all honesty Gothel did everything a typical not "ideal" mom would do for their daughter. SUBSCRIBE: http://tinyurl.com/hfq9jmv Isaac theorizes on how Mother Gothel hid her tower and Rapunzel from the kingdom of Corona. Rapunzel goes down to the dungeons to set things right and ask her a very important question. Or doesn’t she? Once again, selfishness overtook what could have been love, and Rapunzel got caught in the crossfires. She was forced to give away her first-born child, and she was locked in a tower her entire life. In order to keep the confined and isolated Rapunzel content, Gothel teaches her to … When her prized rapunzel plant (or, in most translated-to-English versions of the story, rampion) is stolen by the man to feed his pregnant wife, Dame Gothel captures him the second time and accuses him of theft. Rapunzel never even came close to abandoning Mother Gothel. I only bathed and changed and nursed you’ – Mother Knows Best. In this version, Rapunzel is sold to an ogre when she was a baby, all because her mother stole some parsley from a garden. Work Cited. Not to mention, if she does go to the market, she runs the risk of anybody recognizing her and realizing that she’s not aging making them suspicious and following her back to Rapunzel’s tower. The 2010 reworking of the classic Rapunzel fairytale is a well loved addition to my daughter’s DVD collection and it’s definitely one of the more watchable ones – in fact, it’s just straight up enjoyable. Anyways, that’s all for now!! Fun Fact – Cher was the influence for Mother Gothel’s appearance! Even though Rapunzel still isn’t allowed to go outside, Mother Gothel still makes a ton of sacrifices for her. She arrived in the late morning, finding her prince in the old farmhouse, blinded and near death from a push from the tower's height. Once Mother Gothel gets over her fury she quickly goes back to her charming self. I mean, she was only with her parents for a day at most so they never really left an imprint on her personality. Related Bible Stories. Madame Gothel, better known as Mother Gothel or also simply known as Gothel, is the overall secondary antagonist of Disney's Tangled animated franchise. More. She runs a great risk of being out there in public so who’s to say she didn’t do all of those things just to make Rapunzel happy? Did she ever love Rapunzel? - Read the results on this poll and other Disney Princess presinto I can't say that she didn't love her, but I equally can not say that Rapunzel's hair was not an incentive to care more for Rapunzel. She not only entertains her daughter by singing to her but she also goes on a journey through months on end just to bring food and water back to the tower. I’m not trying to force my opinions out on you guys. And though it is easier to be nice to Rapunzel, it is still time consuming. For somebody who has been up a tower for 18 years – Rapunzel is very well adjusted.The reading and the chess suggest intelligence, the painting and the paper mache demonstrate a strong creative streak and the fact that she’s kind to her ‘pet’ Pascal implies that she has learned caring behaviour. As did most of the apples. Now, I love me some Mother Gothel. It was all part of Mother Gothel's plan to convince Rapunzel that Eugene didn't love her though.

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