After arriving at Valladolid, it is a short colectivo to Chichen Itza. There is a large pool and they put on lots of activities including cooking classes and yoga. Cancun to Tulum: To get between the two, easily take the Cancun to Tulum shuttle. Tu auras du mal à faire un road trip dans le Yucatan sans conduire un minimum. Archives. Plus précisément dans la péninsule du Yucatan qui comprend 3 états : Campeche, Quintana Roo et Yucatan.D’ailleurs il est important de … Road trip dans le Yucatan : itinéraire, conseils, budget, bonnes adresses pour 2 semaines au Mexique : Campeche, Quintana Roo et Yucatan. The kitchen is open, and the chef cooked a fish right in front of us and it was delicious! It wasn’t too deep and you could dive down and see the tunnels leading to other cenotes. Road trip de 8 jours en Jordanie; Visiter Pétra en 2 jours; 1 Commentaire. There are places you can almost get away from them (such as Isla Holbox), but it will be hard. Having said that, there is a lot to do and see in and around this city, This is another great base for exploring cenotes. Essentially a natural swimming pool. There is so much to see but in 3 weeks you can definitely cover some of the most interesting places. You won’t find many all-inclusive here (for a little while longer anyway…) as the locals have heavily resisted commercialisation. Réponse. The last stop on the 10 day epic Yucatan, Mexico road trip is to the island of Isla Holbox. It’s a very casual restaurant located right on the beach, and there were lots of local families eating and spending the day there. Eco Hostel Casa del Agua: This ramshackle little timbered hostel is pet and family friendly. This is a really easy to answer question for me. Vu que vous avez été plusieurs à me poser des questions sur mon itinéraire dans la Péninsule du Yucatan au Mexique, je terminerai donc cette série d’article par un petit résumé jour par jour de notre roadtrip de 2 semaines sur les routes du Yucatan… MEXICO, YUCATAN PENINSULA |Road Trip Itinerary & Travel Tips. Something to bear in mind! It’s a beautiful cenote and if you’re not keen on the swing there are steps to climb down and have a swim. Make sure you slow down for each one so you don’t end up bashing the front of your hire car! Planning an epic Mexico road trip?Here’s our detailed breakdown of the perfect two-week itinerary in Mexico.. By bus: Lots of people will hire a car for this attraction, but if you don’t have the funds or legalities, there is an easy ADO tourist bus heading to and from the ruins once per day (don’t miss it!) Arriving early you can explore some of the temples without other people and really feel the spirituality of the place (and of course get photos without hundreds of people in them!). It’s a good way to learn about the region’s cuisine. It has some of the gorgeous colourful houses and cobbled streets that you’ve probably seen photos of. Even if we travel a lot for more than 3 years, and we usually know our expenses, we always read articles like this one before budgeting our next trip. I’m Crystal! It’s got air-con, a mini bar and private toilets/showers. THE YUCATAN . We travelled with most of the Mexican bus operators during our Mexico trip including ADO and Primera Plus, which operate in the Yucatan. It’s like a little community and you’ll feel at one with nature here! But lots of people go there from Cancún since it’s only a two-hour drive, más o menos, and easily a day trip from Cancún. The cheapest option is Casa Babel which costs 600 pesos for a double room. It was my birthday so we went a little over our usual budget, but it was still really cheap! However, if you’ve had a long haul flight you may wish to spend a night here to acclimatise. How Much Does a Mexico Road Trip Cost? Except I will, just to give you options. Reuben’s Restaurant: Has an awesome Menu of the Day, usually with really beautifully cooked fish! This itinerary is for a full two weeks’ road trip around the Yucatan. Oui, 10 jours de road trip au Yucatan, l’une des plus belles régions du Mexique. READ MORE: Here’s a fantastic 10-Day Playa Del Carmen Itinerary. This was an oasis in Tulum. You’ll find queues of people waiting to post on the platform which sort of spoilt the whole thing for me. But after spending a few days here, you’ll understand the pull. It’s delicately nuanced and flavourful. Alors c’est parti pour 2 semaines de road trip au Yucatan ! If you are coming from the United States, flights into Mexico can be very affordable … Durant ces 15 jours de road trip au Yucatan, j’ai dépensé la somme globale de 900 €, vols inclus, prix pour une personne donc. Valladolid is the second most important city in Yucatan, after the capital Merida, and has been appointed Pueblo Magico for its beauty and historical heritage. Reina Roja Hotel: This hotel is insane, and that’s why I HAD to add it (it’s a bit more expensive than what I usually recommend). It has a cute little bar, hot tubs and is the best value in the area. Yucatan Road Trip Day 2 – Valladolid On the third day of our trip we are going to actually explore the colonial city of Valladolid and its lively historical center. There are lots of boat trips heading out on the lake and we opted for a sailboat. We were recommended it by our hosts at Casa de las Olas and it was so worth the stop. Sleepy, quaint and absolutely beautiful is how I’d describe my second favourite place in the Yucatan. In this area of Mexico, you can see baby turtles hatch (August to November), swim with whale sharks (May to August) and check out amazing underground rivers called … Blue Parrot: Other than the free drinks for chicks at the roof top bar from 10-11pm at Hostel Rio Playa, Blue Parrot would have to be my favourite bar. Coco Bongo: Also, there’s a Coco Bongo (another one) in Playa del Carmen (never been but I believe it’s pretty much the same as Cancun). They are part of a large network of underground rivers in the Yucatan, and many of the cenotes are connected together via underwater tunnels and caves. You can buy tickets at the bus station or online. Our room had its own roof terrace with a gazebo and we paid £54 per night. The highways are well kept and uncrowded, the cities are charming. Sleep – we stayed in such a lovely hotel here – Casa Mazejuwi. We just spend in Mexico-Yucatan area 14 … Start your day early by reaching the archaeological site of Aké by 8am. Have you done a road trip through the Yucatán region of Mexico before? Nous sommes tout juste de retour de 3 semaines de road trip au Mexique, où nous avons parcouru près de 2500 km aux quatre coins de la péninsule du Yucatan (qui se compose des états du Yucatan, du Quintana Roo et de Campeche).Je profite que tout soit encore bien frais dans ma tête pour vous donner mes conseils pour organiser votre voyage. 2 Week Yucatan itinerary. But with such beauty and fun, comes the tourists… so many tourists. Le road trip en boucle est l’itinéraire optimal pour visiter le Yucatan et voir un maximum de cette belle péninsule. I’ve met some great people and only had positive experiences!All-Inclusives: I’ve been to one once and it’s for sure something you’ve got to try at least once in your life in the Yucatan but honestly, Mexico has so much more to offer than mediocre food and drunk people in a pool next to the beach.Speaking Spanish: You won’t NEED Spanish in touristy areas, but if you want to make the most out of your travels and also get the local prices on buses, etc, I suggest you spend some time learning Spanish. L’itinéraire de notre road-trip de 15 jours pour voir le meilleur de la péninsule du Yucatán, la région la plus visitée au Mexique, un grand classique ! Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If that doesn’t sound like you at all, just use Cancun as a place of transit like I did. The colorful towns of the Yucatan are exceptionally cool and fun, and each is so different! I’d read a lot about Merida and was excited to visit. Visit one of the many beautiful beaches: The white sand and vivid green waters around this area certainly are a drawcard for Playa Del Carmen. The Yucatan road trip! The Ultimate Yucatan Road Trip – A 3… Perth to Exmouth Road Trip (Updated 2020) Perth to Esperance Road Trip – Western Australia… The Ultimate Yucatan Road Trip – A 3… Perth to Exmouth Road Trip (Updated 2020) 3 Days In Umbria, Italy. We visited Cozumel to go diving as it’s considered one of the best diving spots in Yucatan. It is a one of a kind outdoor eco-gym on the beach using natural materials that Fred Flintstone would have worked out on. If you have a few extra days to explore, this would be my number one pick to add to your trip. Head straight to Valladolid! Chichen Itza is possibly Mexico’s most famous ruin, and truckloads of people flow through there every day. Since I usually travel … Our favourites were: While in Merida, Enrico booked us a cooking course for my birthday, and it was great! Faites vos valises, on part en voyage au Mexique. Ca te dirait de partir 15 jours au Mexique, pour un road trip dans les régions du Yucatan, de Campeche et du Quintana Roo?. Everyone here can find something they will love. Yes, please. It was one of my favourite days in Mexico. 4 janv. Coco Bongo: Do the Can-can in Cancun on the bar while barmaids tip tequila straight down your gullet. Training with nature in nature. 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A few things to know about driving in Mexico: Now onto the fun part! YES it is completely safe! Cancun to Playa:  Playa del Carmen is really easy to get to from Cancún, just get the ADO bus or one of the colectivos near the bus terminal (a bit cheaper than the bus and more frequent). Required fields are marked *, Home » Travel Stuff » Guides » Road Trip: Yucatan Peninsula Itinerary. Fuel costs of a road trip in Yucatan Peninsula We spent 1700 Pesos (£70) and drove 1500 kms in 12 days. July 30, 2020. Road trip dans le Yucatan, quel budget prévoir ? Wanting to get away from the crowds and don’t care if you don’t have power 24/7? In Yucatán, excursion and activity costs will vary widely. Aké means place of reeds in Yucatec Maya.Climb to the top of the Palace to walk through rows and rows of columns atop the Palace – the steps are long and short rather than steep and shallow unlike other structures in the area. Roadtrips are the perfect intermediary between full-blown package holidays and run-of-the-mill backpacking, offering you the freedom to travel where you want and at your own pace, without shelling out on buses with freezing air con and awkward timetables. We stayed at Haven Riviera. While a Mexico Road trip may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a holiday to Mexico, after several trips to Mexico, we believe a road trip in Mexico is the very best way to see all the amazing things the country has to offer. Last year I got that wish. Airport to Cancun Downtown: Chances are you’re flying into Cancun, as there’s a major airport there. It’s another cave-like cenote and pretty dark inside, but great for a swim. The once sleepy beach town is now a backpackers’ favorite and it favors those with a car, making it ideal for a roadtrip. This small island, about 6 miles off the mainland north of Cancun is mostly car-free and mainly occupied by protected Biosphere Reserve. Holey shamoley! Le pays des Cénotes. Mango Tulum Hotel: Clean, crisp and engulfed in a lush garden. Your complete Yucatan road trip itinerary (with bonus plans) First of all, to avoid future possible confusion, we have to tell you that: “Yucatán” refers to both the state of Yucatán and the entire … If you are going to do a road trip through Mexico we recommend to read this article: road trip Mexico. Here’s my Budget Guide to Chiapas, Tourist Bus Company: ADO. Fuel costs of a road trip in Yucatan Peninsula We spent 1700 Pesos (£70) and drove 1500 kms in 12 days. She has too many awesome stories and helpful tips to keep them all to herself so follow along and in return she will bring you inspiring pictures, travel videos and a whole load of fun! When planning your trip to Cancún or Playa del Carmen, Tulum or any other of the wonderful beach destinations in México – do think about scheduling a few days for a road trip through Yucatán. Mexico is generally very affordable, but the Yucatan Peninsula is slightly more expensive than other parts of Mexico that receive less tourism. Whilst I do eat meat, so it probably sounds a bit hypocritical, it’s not something that I want to hear at 4am. Sleep – we stayed at Macan ché Bed and Breakfast, which has small bungalows set in gardens with a rock pool styled swimming pool. So you can either take your rental car on the ferry, or you can return your rental car in Playa and take the passenger ferry (and then bus back to Cancun). Relaxing by the pool with a cocktail in hand can be a nice … Car rental in Yucatán. It’s designed kind of like a brothel, with steel pipes and red lighting throughout. You can buy tickets at the bus station or online. En conclusion, ce Road Trip dans le Yucatan nous a impressionné, nous a conquis, nous appris énormément de choses sur les anciennes civilisations qui ont peuplés ces terres. By Lisa Horowitz. This page may contain compensated links. Mezcal Hostel: Just a short walk from the bus station but a little bit back from the beach, you’ll find colourful and cute Mezcal. Voici quelques postes de dépenses plus détaillés. Elle comporte les états de Campeche, du Yucatan et du Quintana Roo. Budget travel yucatan – 10 Tips For Planning Your European Trip. It comprises 14 days of activities, leaving a day at each end of your two weeks for inbound and outbound travel. El Camello Jr: Has the best ceviche and freshest fish in Tulum, great prices too! Look, Imma be straight up and let you know I didn’t go to Chichen Itza, it just didn’t interest me. Inside the UNESCO heritage reserve is a lagoon, Sian Ka’an Cenote, a turtle sanctuary and a cabaña. The Yucatan in Mexico is like a huge playground for water-related activities. Enfin, dans le Yucatan, mais pas … A perfect time to have lunch at the beach and relax for the day! There’s also a nightly light and sound show on the walls of El Palacio Centro Cultural. October 21, 2018. Our Yucatán Itinerary: All Destinations and Info. !Cheap Accommodation: Mexico has a strong CouchSurfing scene that I highly recommend, especially in the Yucatan. I did stay in a couple of hostels as well…. To get downtown, catch the ADO Airport Bus for 62 pesos ($4), they leave frequently. This is the most convenient option to get between Cancun and Tulum. … My flight arrived at 11:50AM and I was in my hotel in Cancun at 2PM. The Ultra Mar return costs 145p and Magaña return costs135p. Watch out for topes. It’s traditional and fresh and has the BEST tastes alongside great prices on the Island. That’s all, just enjoy driving this Yucatan itinerary; it’s an awesome Yucatan road trip. Mais nan je déconne! Travel in The Yucatan Peninsula: Cancun, Isla Holbox and Playa Del Carmen. Mermaid Hostel: Right on Playa Blanca is a new, bright hostel. Plan your Yucatán road trip! Cela me donne envi d’y aller personnellement. However, it is over 90m deep! Catching a bus is a little easier (but more expensive) as there are direct buses to Cancún. Want to save money and travel the world? This cenote has two platforms to jump off, which we loved. It’s like staying with a big, eclectic family and I couldn’t recommend anywhere else! Entre plages de rêve, cités Maya, réserves … We paid £33 per night for a double room. Cesiak Centro Ecologico Reserve: A thin patch of road girt by tropical forest and water. Or go diving in some of the best dive sites in the world! If you don’t, then you can join an organised tour bus that will take you out of the city – from here you will meet with a driver and a tuk-tuk who will take you to two or three cenotes for the day. Staying in Tulum: Accommodations on the beach of Tulum are very expensive so most budget travelers – and so do we – stay in the center of Tulum. Il est donc plutôt aisé de s’en sortir avec un petit budget … The hotel is fine and it’s not their fault, but they are located next to a butcher. Aside from the beach, a good reason to stay in Tulum is to dive. It’s the epitome of drunken Spring Break all-you-can-eat resorts, famous in the Yucatan. at 8:45 am returning at 4:30 pm. The beach is much quieter up this end and away from the building works of the town and beach clubs. This is the epitome of chilled backpacker heaven. Retour d’expérience sur un magnifique road trip au Mexique. You can read my review here. This means that if you click a link and purchase something I’ve recommended I’ll earn a small commission. Don't worry, you can unsubscribe at any time! On a backpacking Mexico budget, you can definitely afford to combine car rental with bus travel and taxi travel. La Chiapaneca: I’m just going to take a few seconds to remember my time I had in Tulum with Chiapaneca. Playa to Tulum: Tulum is an easy peasy colectivo from Playa del Carmen and only takes 50 minutes or so and costs 40 pesos (see above, Playa del Carmen, for details). Other great cenotes (especially for cave diving) are The Pit Cenote, Dos Ojos and Pet Cemetery. Faites vos valises, on part en voyage au Mexique. It takes about an hour and a half. On paper this island may not appear as much. Learn how your comment data is processed. Je voyageais avec une autre personne, donc nous avons divisé la plupart des postes de dépenses par 2. Durant ces 15 jours de road trip au Yucatan, j’ai dépensé la somme globale de 900 €, vols inclus, prix pour une personne donc. Things to eat on your road trip in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Pescaderia Restaurante: Another hidden gem that you won’t see on any of the websites is called Pescaderia Restaurante on Calle Porfirio Díaz. Ferry: The ferry from Puerto Juarez takes about 20 minutes. I chose to get full coverage and therefore I paid another $12 extra per day. P.S. Street food stall: I had THE BEST pork rolls of my time in Mexico at a street food stall on the corner of Av Benito Juarez and 15 Avenida Sur. Un retour aux sources, de l’histoire, un pays qui vous charmera à coup sûr. Au programme des 3 prochaines semaines : un road trip à travers le Yucatan. Read why you should visit this Paradise Lagoon, WHERE TO NEXT? Passionate baby goat cuddler and part-time adventurer, Crystal can often be found doing headstands on the edges of cliffs, taking photos of abandoned buildings or sleeping on deserted islands with dangerous criminals. Succulent, juicy slow roasted pork tacos, an endless stream of guacamole and roast pineapple to top. Retour sur cette formidable expérience. But it all works well, and is worth the price just to be able to take a photo of the lobby! It’s totally worth making the trip over. I loved this accommodation and it had its own kitchen which is great when you’re on a budget. It’s an eco-resort, and is completely self-sufficient – run on solar and using rain and groundwater. (I obviously still had a photo though!) Just ask your reception for a tutor, READ: Beautiful Photographs of San Cristobal. 31 août 2020 - Travel - Mon road Trip au Mexique | Yucatan . Bus: Bus from / to Cancun costs 118 pesos one-way, leaving every hour or so and takes about 3 hours. To get there, you can take the Ultramar Ferry from Puerto Juarez which takes about 20 minutes. Mexican Road Trip (Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen & Tulum) By Lisa Horowitz. This hostel includes all the finer things like free breakfast and charging stations next to your bed. If you have more time on your Yucatan road trip, drive (or take the bus) from Cancun up to Chiquila and take the ferry over to Isla Holbox. Use the resources that are available to make your trip special and save money: Today’s travelers have numerous options when planning their vacation. We paid approximately £27 for a double. Tulum Jungle Gym: I love this idea so much! July 29, 2020. It’s actually a very busy and large city, and after travelling through some of the lovely towns beforehand, we found it a bit hectic. Some people love Cancun; some hate it (I lean towards the latter). Join the Castaway Commune NOW and Kickstart Your Long Term Travel Today! Sleep – we stayed in such a lovely hotel here –, Sleep – We slept at Szapot and honestly I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend before you go, however, Cancun’s most epic nightclub Coco Bongo because it is seriously awesome. On the drive up from Tulum, make sure you stop at Chamicos. Seeing as there are so many beautiful cenotes to explore, having a car gives you so much more freedom than relying on buses and tours, so after some research, we decided to hire the car to travel in Yucatan and I’m so glad we did. Playa to Cancun/Tulum: To return, get the bus from Playa del Carmen terminal (central), or head over to Calle 2 Norte, across the road from Parque Leona Vicario for the colectivos to Cancun or Tulum. Otherwise, the ADO bus runs between the two but much less frequently. If you’re a solo traveller this is a great place to meet people. The people are open and friendly. You can continue south to Bacalar or head west to Campeche. The Yucatán peninsula in Mexico is the … Wait for the police to arrive and you will be provided with an attorney via your insurance who will deal with the legal stuff for you. Yucatán has so much more to offer its visitors than a beach day in Progreso, a quick trip to Chichén Itzá and a dip in a cenote (although, of course, these are all amazing fun). You can also do any of the diving you can do from Cancun or Isla Mujeres as they are really close. You can take private lessons all around Mexico for as little as $5 USD an hour. May 31, 2020. So I recommend choosing a different, If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, we also spent a night in the main town of Tulum at, At the end of your Yucatan road trip, if you can afford it, it’s worth spending a few nights in an all-inclusive on the beach in Cancun to really unwind. These are just a few things you can do on Isla. Nous sommes tout juste de retour de 3 semaines de road trip au Mexique, où nous avons parcouru près de 2500 km aux quatre coins de la péninsule du Yucatan (qui se compose des états du Yucatan, du … It was one of the most relaxed places we stayed and I also had the best Margarita of our entire Mexico trip at our hotel here (reason enough!). Have an aerial act fly so close to you that your drunken eyes go cross-eyed.

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