[300], On 17 March, a 47-year-old male Spanish national doing business in Macau tested positive; he took Flight SU2501 from Madrid to Moscow on 15 March, and then the Flight SU204 from Moscow to Beijing. [101][102] The first death in the province of Tarragona is confirmed in Valls hospital, an 88-year-old woman from Badalona. [282] More than ten million students (a million university and nine million in secondary and primary education) were ordered to stay home, initially for two weeks. [194] On 24 March, the government seized control of private nursing homes nationwide, and announced a judicial inquiry after troops found nursing home patients who had died of COVID-19 left dead in their beds. The government denies the allegations and the justice ministry asked autonomous communities to examine death records for suspected coronavirus deaths. [303] In March, the Community of Madrid estimated 4,260 people have died in nursing homes with coronavirus symptoms (out of 4,750 total deaths in the homes), but only 781 were diagnosed and counted as COVID fatalities. Now, retired healthcare workers are being called back to the job and medical students are being recruited to perform some tasks. 1. [9] By 13 March, cases had been confirmed in all 50 provinces of the country. [29][153], The government ordered a partial lock-down of Madrid on 1 October due to the rise in cases. [105] The first case is confirmed on the island of El Hierro. [243], Economists estimate that the government deficit will increase from 2.6% in 2019 to 15% in 2020. By 2020-04-18 most regions had switched to the new methodology except for Galicia, which made the switch on 2020-04-28; from that date onwards, active cases refer to PCR-confirmed cases. [252] The 2020 Basque regional election, scheduled for 5 April, was delayed, after an agreement between all the political parties represented in the Basque parliament; the Galician election was also suspended. Jan [302], Ministry of Health statistics are underestimates as they are based on incomplete data. [63] Madrid reported that its total had increased to 29. [119] On 30 March, Fernando Simón, the head of Spain's Centre for Health Emergencies and the public face of the government's response because of his daily briefings, tested positive for the virus and temporarily resigned. [87][88][89][90][91] Catalonia reported 190 new cases in the highest rise in cases in a day. [163] As of 28 March, the burden on intensive care units per confirmed case was 7.8, almost as high as Italy and far above any other European country. The Basque Country announced a declaration of sanitary emergency in the region, which allows population confinement. However, the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (SEIMC) found that Bioeasy's test kit, which uses nose swabs, had an accuracy rate of less than 30 percent, and the city of Madrid stopped using them. [147] A number of restrictions were imposed, including closing nightclubs, banning smoking outdoors if social distancing was not possible, and compulsory wearing of face masks in public. We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. It will not affect foreign diplomatic personnel either. [136][137], Preliminary results from a large-scale serologic study, made public on 13 May, suggested that about 5% of the population of Spain had developed antibodies for SARS-CoV-2. [73] The first death in Madrid took place on 3 March but was not confirmed until 5 March. Ce classement a été mis à jour le mercredi 8 janvier 2020. [176] On 16 March, Minister of the Interior Grande-Marlaska announces the closing of Spanish frontiers to be in effect from 12:00 pm on 16 March, authorising the entry of only Spanish citizens and those who can prove cause of force majeure or a situation of need. [198] An opinion piece published by The New York Times blamed the high number of victims on the slow governmental response against the virus, focusing on three causes: a stressed health care system impoverished since the 2008 economic crisis, having to unify the 17 autonomous communities' healthcare systems on a central command, and having an elderly population. [296], On 10, March, Honduras confirmed two cases of Coronavirus. [266] The Basque government closed all schools in the municipalities of Vitoria[267] and Labastida. [152] On 7 September 2020, the number of cases reported reached over half a million, the second country in Europe to reach this milestone after Russia. Aragon was the worst-hit region. Google's services went down for about an hour Monday in a massive outage that prevented many people from watching YouTube videos, accessing their … [135] It includes the opening of small shops, of terraces at 50% capacity, and of places of worship at one-third capacity. Classement en temps réel des titres les plus téléchargés sur iTunes en Espagne (Spain). [185] On 13 March 2020 the Government of the Community of Madrid decreed the shutting down of bars, restaurants and "non-alimentary" shops (only allowing the opening of supermarkets and chemist's shops). [132] On 23 April, the state of alarm was extended until 9 May, with further extensions envisioned. [248], Javier Ortega Smith, member of Vox, tested positive after his party hosted a large meeting with sympathizers on 8 March,[249] leading the Congress of Deputies and the Senate to suspend their parliamentary activity for a period of a week with 52 Vox's lawmakers asked to stay at home. Découvrez toutes les promotions CD & Vinyles, les nouveautés ainsi que les titres en précommande. 7-2. 3) Espagne : 133 points. Par Admin Les demi-finales de la Supercoupe d’Espagne mettront aux prises le mois prochain le Real Madrid à l’Athletic Bilbao et Barcelone à la Real Sociedad, a annoncé jeudi la Fédération espagnole. [129][130], On 13 April, workers in some non-essential sectors, such as construction and industry, who cannot work remotely were allowed to return to work; the government began the distribution of millions of face masks in public transportation hubs. [162] The delay in implementing the lockdown meant some people in Madrid left for the regions, bringing the virus with them. [297], On 13 March, Venezuelan Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez confirmed two cases of the virus in the state of Miranda. [4][33][34] On 9 February, the second case involved a male British tourist in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, who contracted the disease after coming into contact with someone in France who subsequently tested positive. The Royal Decree approved by his government also includes a moratorium on the payment of mortgages for workers and self-employed in economic vulnerability and for those affected by COVID-19, as well as the streamlining of temporary dismissal files (known as ERTE), support for workers and companies affected by downturns, measures to guarantee the liquidity of companies and to promote research to achieve a vaccine. [235][236][237] More than 65% of fatalities have occurred in those 80 or older, compared to 50% in Italy and only 15% in China. [232][233][234] A critical care medical association released triage criteria that included the "life expectancy" and "social value" of the patient. [221] The number of patients in intensive care in the autonomous communities with most cases reached its peak on the first days of April. The plan has four phases, numbered 0 through 3, and each of the phases 1 through 3 will last at least two weeks. Homeless people are also at risk and the charities that help them were forced to cease operations because of the disease. More than 1 million families will benefit from the scheme. [225] One cause of infection is the lack of adequate protective gear, leading some healthcare workers to make their own improvised gear. [195] By 31 March, police had issued 100,000 citations and arrested 1,000 people for violating social distancing regulations. The cabinet discussed proposals to offer zero-interest loans to tenants to pay rent so smaller landlords who depend on rent income can stay afloat. Number of confirmed cases by autonomous community of Spain. Spain lifted one of the world’s most stringent lockdowns in late June and enjoyed a rapid reopening over the summer. [142] As of 15 June 2020[update], 75% of the Spanish population was on phase 3 and several provinces entered the "new normality" phase. [227], Low income neighbourhoods in Barcelona have seven times the rate of infection of more affluent neighbourhoods. [286] Religious processions of Holy Week were suspended. [131] On 21 April, the government announced that from 26 or 27 April children under the age of 14 will be able to go out on short walks with their parents or other adults living in the same household. [16] The state of alarm ended on 21 June. Infos principales, déclas et XI […] [98] The "extraordinary decision", according to the PM Pedro Sánchez, is necessary as Spain deals with a "health, social and economic crisis". Incapable de profiter de sa domination lors des dernières rencontres, l’Atlético de Madrid dispute une finale avant l’heure contre le RB Salzburg. On 6 April, the filter was removed and journalists could ask questions directly via webcam. The COVID-19 pandemic in Spain is part of the pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). 10 = Don't Start Now Dua Lipa. [45][46], On 26 February, the first reported case in Andalusia was confirmed in Seville, the first case of community transmission reported in Spain. From 2020-05-23, data is consolidated at 14:00/15:00 rather than at 0:00. Le classement final de l’Eurovision Junior 2020. 19 décembre 2020 Liga / FC Barcelone – Valencia CF : El Partidazo de la J1️⃣4️⃣ ! Charts based on daily reports from the Spanish Ministry of Health on confirmed cases of COVID-19. [201], The Spanish government had ordered 640,000 coronavirus test kits from Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology, which claimed an 80 percent accuracy rate. Oui Ou Non Angèle. Citizens leader Inés Arrimadas said she supports the government's actions. Valencia est-elle la meilleure cantera d’Espagne ? [53] On 29 February, Asturias and Navarre reported their first cases, one each. Figures for 2020-05-24 to 2020-06-17 include corrections in the validation of past data from several autonomous communities as a result of the transition to a new surveillance methodology implemented from 2020-05-11. 1 = Dance Monkey Tones And I. The lack of PPE and inability to quarantine infected individuals exacerbated the spread of the disease. Officials have blamed socialising by young people for the increase. [228], Many nursing homes in Spain are understaffed because they are for-profit businesses and elderly Spaniards cannot necessarily afford sufficient care;[163] the salary for most workers is less than €1,000 per month. 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[140] As of 25 May 2020[update], 47% of the territory of Spain was on phase 2. The percentage was higher than 11% in the provinces of Soria (14.2), Cuenca (13.5), Segovia (12.6), Albacete (11.6), Madrid (11.3) and Ciudad Real (11.1), but still substantially below the 60% suggested to be needed to achieve herd immunity. There were 525,549 infections in total, a third of them in Madrid, with 29,516 deaths reported. If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. [218] By 18 April, 38 residences were under investigation. Last 15 days, On 31 January 2020, Spain confirmed its first COVID-19 case in La Gomera, Canary Islands. Partager sur Facebook. [150] The numbers of deaths and hospitalisations in August, however, remained relatively low compared to March and April, for example 122 died from COVID-19 on 20 August compared to 950 on 2 April. [93][97] The announcement came following significant increases in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Spain, increasing by 66% from 3,146 cases to 5,232 cases on 13 March 2020. [18][19][20][21], Studies have suggested that the number of infections and deaths may have been underestimated due to lack of testing and reporting, and many people with only mild or no symptoms were not tested. [103], On 19 March, the first death of a healthcare worker in the country is reported, a nurse from the Basque Country. The entry restrictions will have no effect on the transport of merchandise to guarantee the supply chain. [268] A Barcelona kindergarten was closed after a worker tested positive,[269] On 10 March, the Conference of Rectors of Madrid public universities (CRUMA) delayed the academic calendar, including classes, exams and enrollments, by two weeks. [10] On 29 March, it was announced that, beginning the following day, all non-essential workers were ordered to remain at home for the next 14 days. [146], The number of cases also increased again in July in other cities such as Madrid. He consulted the opposition to obtain its support, and will speak to presidents of the autonomous communities on 5 April. [47] The next day, eight cases of Italian origin and one from Iran were reported, in Catalunya, Castile and León, and Valencia. [303][305][306] On 7 March, the Ministry of Health estimated that the actual number of cases is at least 15 times higher than the number of confirmed cases. According to Fernando Simón, only 8.8% of diagnosed healthcare workers require hospitalisation, in contrast to 40% of other cases of the disease. [265], On 9 March, Isabel Díaz Ayuso announced the cancellation of classes in the Autonomous community of Madrid at all educational levels due to the strong increase in cases in the region, which affected 1.5 million students. [289] On 13 March 2020, the first death (the first Ecuadorian infection case) was reported by the Minister of Public Health of Ecuador, Catalina Andramuño, during a press conference in Guayaquil. [171] On 1 April, the state of alarm was scheduled to expire on 12 April and the government planned to ease lockdowns going forward, assuming new infections decrease. Ce livescore affiche les resultats foot en direct des differents championnats et coupes en Espagne [40][41] A 24-year-old man from Madrid, who recently returned from Northern Italy, tested positive and was admitted to Hospital Carlos III. On 3 April, 950 deaths were reported, the highest number for a single country over a 24-hour interval,[124] on the same day, estimates for the basic reproduction number of the virus indicated a number below 1.0 for the first time, meaning that each case was, on average, infecting less than one other person. [283] On 18 March, the Basque Minister of Education extended the closure of schools indefinitely. [240] The pandemic has also influenced Spain's fragile economy and finances, with economist Toni Roldán saying the country will need €200bn in loans from the European Stability Mechanism. [77] The first death in Extremadura was reported. [231] By 18 April, more than 13,600 Spaniards in nursing homes who were probable or confirmed coronavirus cases had died, including ten percent of nursing home residents in the Community of Madrid, while at least 39,000 were infected according to incomplete figures as some communities were not deaggregating their figures. [13] On 2 April, 950 people died of the virus in a 24-hour period—at the time, the most by any country in a single day. In Extremadura, Arroyo de la Luz was put on lockdown. There were 525,549 infections in total, a third of them in Madrid, with 29,516 deaths reported. 2 = Torn Ava Max. [95][96] Lockdown restrictions also mandated the temporary closure of non-essential shops and businesses, including bars, restaurants, cafes, cinemas and commercial and retail businesses, while also announcing that the government will be able to take over private healthcare providers, if needed. [163], Some autonomous communities announced emergency measures on the same day. 6 = Liar Camila Cabello. [215], From 17 March to 14 April, the death rate in Spain was 68% higher than usual and 21,882 excess deaths occurred, with the vast majority of excess mortality observed among those older than 74 years. [149] The country had the highest rate of infection in Europe, with 145 new cases per 100,000 population in the two weeks before 21 August 2020, compared to 51 in France and 21 in the UK. [113] The "Palacio del Hielo", an ice rink in Madrid, begins to be used as a morgue. Instead, the government will distribute masks on public transport and attempt aggressive contact tracing to reduce the spread of the virus. [76][261] Some say[who?] Local authorities were also given powers to ban travel across different regions. [145] The government of Aragon issued a similar advisory notice to residents, in response to an increase in the number of cases in Zaragoza. 400 journalists signed a letter called The Freedom to Ask requesting the filter be removed. the response was also delayed by the fact that Pedro Sánchez is leading PSOE (in coalition with Unidas Podemos) minority government which is counting on support from opposition parties to enact coronavirus measures, especially with regards to economic stimulus. [187][188][189][190][excessive citations] The Mayor of Madrid closed parks and public gardens. [180] The Constitutional Court suspended its activity for two days,[181] and the Royal Spanish Academy suspended its plenary sessions. [163] An analysis in Vox hypothesised that the minority government did not want to risk its hold on power by banning large gatherings early; the prime minister initially defended his decision to allow large gatherings to continue. Mortality reports by Carlos III Health Institute have found significant excess mortality in the first four months of 2020, with about 44,000 more people deceased than in the same period of 2019. Aux commentaires, et autour de Guillaume di Grazia, figureront trois consultants : Jacky Durant, David Moncoutié et Steve Chainel. Download as PDF and watch all the videos of the chart. [19] On 7 August, Spain overtook the United Kingdom in the total number of cases reported, which at 309,855 cases was the highest in Western Europe. [115], On 28 March, the Spanish government banned all non-essential activity,[116][117] providing affected workers with paid recoverable leave unless they provide an essential service, work remotely, are on sick leave, or have their contracts suspended. These estimates are based on a projection that the tax revenue will fall by €40 billion and GDP will drop 5%. Un affront pour Diego Simeone et ses hommes qui semblent si bien armés cette année. [110][111] The President of the Region of Murcia orders the cessation of all non-essential economic activities, a decision later revoked by the central government. Confirmed cases, recoveries, and deaths by day and autonomous communities, Community transmission (26 February–12 March), Halting of all non-essential activity (28 March–12 April), Lifting of some restrictions (13 April–1 May), State of emergency reimposed (1 October–present), Spread to other countries and territories, Confirmed cases, hospitalisations, recoveries, and deaths. [164] The government of Murcia announced the confinement of more than 500,000 people in coastal municipalities. [54][55] On 1 March, in Andalusia, two doctors were confirmed as infected, increasing the number of Andalusian cases to 12. Many nonessential activities are forbidden, including large gatherings, restaurants, museums and the like. [123], From 3 April to 11 April, the number of new cases and deaths in general had a decreasing trend. Jun In Castilla y León, Cataluña, and Valencia it was stable, while in Aragón and Andalucía it peaked later. [141] As of 8 June 2020[update], 48% of the country was on phase 2 and 52% on phase 3; the latter includes less stringent restrictions for the opening of shops, hotels, bars, entertainment and nightlife venues. [93][94] All residents are mandated to remain in their normal residences except to purchase food and medicines, work or attend emergencies. [200], According to The Guardian, Spain's initially slow response to the coronavirus caused the epidemic to become severe even though it did not share a land border with Italy or other severely affected countries. 19 décembre 2020 Liga / Previa J1️⃣4️⃣ : l’Atletico doit rebondir, le Real Madrid confirmer 18 décembre 2020 Twitter. Apr Police also set up 30,000 roadblocks to stop people from traveling. [159][160] The next day, the Government of Spain announced a state of alarm over all of the country would be decreed on the next day, initially for 15 days as specified in the Article 116.2 of the Spanish constitution. [294][295], On 10 March, a 40-year-old woman returning from Madrid, Spain was confirmed as the first case in Panama. [199] Penalties were later increased with fines of €1,000 for a first offence up to €60,000 for a repeat offender. [242] According to an article in El País, house prices in some parts of Spain have seen significant declines, although few sales are occurring due to the lockdown. [310] The Community of Madrid and several provinces of Castilla–La Mancha and Castilla y León were found to be the most affected areas with a percentage of infection greater than 10%. [223][224], As of 13 April, 18.5% of the cases are in healthcare workers, with a significant gap between women (26% of cases) and men (10% of cases).